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vito hannibal acconci




Vito ACCONCI: Catalogue of Headlines & Images.

Exhibition catalogue.
2 booklets: (54)p., text and offset photos; (16)p., text. 15x21.8 cm and 14.8x21 cm. Each: softcover. Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, 1978-1979.



Vito ACCONCI. Avallanche, Special issue Vito Acconci, n°6, Fall 1972.

Artist magazine.
Issue entirely devoted to V.H. Acconci.
80pp., b/w ill. Stappled wrappers.
23.5 x 24.10 cm.
Very good.



Vito ACCONCI: Noise.

Vito ACCONCI Noise 1968 (detail)

Unique work.
Collage, original b/w mounted photos, original drawings and handwritten texts on white paper sheets, forming a long narrow horizontal strip, 22x300 cm (8 1/4x118 inches). Signed and dated August 1973.
Provenance: Private collection. This piece was given in 1973 by Acconci as his participation in a fund raising auction sale for the French daily newspaper Liberation. Bought at this occasion, it has remained the buyer's property till today.
Reproduction: detail (approx. 1/5th of the original piece length), reduced.
Information given by Vito Acconci, through his assistant, regarding this piece:
1. The piece is a collage of different unrelated sketches and photos.
2. It was not a story board for any film Vito did.
3. Throughout the years Vito has donated his work to numerous people and organisations for fundraising. Some pieces were documentations of previous pieces, with photos and text relating to a certain piece. Others, like this piece, were more like something that would come from a sketch book; random works that did not relate to a specific piece of Vito's.
4. Basically, the work is an original work of art by Vito Acconci, but it is nothing that has a history; nothing you will read about in any books on Vito. We do not have any record of the piece.



Vito ACCONCI: Notes on the development of a show (Sonnabend, New York, January 15-29, 1972). Behavior Fields - Transaction Arenas - Training Grounds - Manoeuver Positions.

Vito ACCONCI: Behavior fields-Transaction arenas-Training grounds-manoeuvrer positions

Vito ACCONCI: Behavior fields-Transaction arenas-Training grounds-manoeuvrer positions

Vito ACCONCI: Behavior fields-Transaction arenas-Training grounds-manoeuvrer positions

Artist book.
Unpaginated. (48)p./pl. Two-color text (red and black) printed on gray paper.
Text in English with V. Acconci's facsimile writing,
2 pages with collages of typescript texts on 7 mounted slips of white paper.
79 mounted original b/w photographs interspreded throughout.
Soft cover.
15.3x30.7 cm.
Edition Hossmann, Hamburg, 1973.
Edition of 250 copies, numbered and signed by artist in the colophon page, aside the pasted white paper label with printed publisher's name, edition place and date.
Slightly worn to front cover corners, fine condition.
A. Moeglin-Delcroix, L. Dematteis, G. Maffei, A. Rimmaudo: guardare, raccontare, pensare, conservare, Casa del Mantegna, Mantoue, 2004, p. 284 reproduit.
A. Moeglin-Delcroix :Esthétique du livre d'artiste, Jean Michel Place, Paris, 1997, p. 259, 367.



Vito ACCONCI: Pulse (for my mother) (pour ma mère).
Artist book.
Unpaginated (24 p.). Original wrappers. 13.5x21 cm. Offset. Multiplicata, Paris, France, 1973. 1st edition of 500 copies, signed in black ink in the last page. Fine.
A. Moeglin-Delcroix, Esthétique du livre d'artiste, p. 283, 367.



Vito ACCONCI: Think/Leap/Re-Think/Fall.
Artist publication.
56 unnumbered pages/plates. Softbound. 20.3x20.1 cm. University Art Galleries, Wright State Univ., Dayton, 1976. 1st edition.



Vito ACCONCI: The Peoplemobile.
Artist poster. Announcement.
Printed black offset on both sides (black an red on one side), on white paper. Text in Deutch, drawings by V. Acconci. Unfolded: 62.2x46 cm. Dam Amsterdam; Damplein Middelburg; Schouwburgplein Rotterdam; Grote Markt Gronongen, May 17-june 15, 1979.




Vito ACCONCI City of words, 2010

City of words

29.7 x 42 cm
Edition of 50, dated 2010, numbered and signed on the back.

City of Words merges Acconci's interest in language and conceptual poetry reflected in his earliest works of the 1960s and '70s with his more recent investigations of archi¬tecture and urban planning under Acconci Studio. The «city» depicted is a rendering of a labyrinthine environment constructed from the text of Acconci's own writings, giving language a concrete form.

From the Rowboat Box:


Project by Jeff Rian
Gray cloth-covered carboard shell box, contening:
- A vinyl LP and a CD, inserted inside the lid. Music by: Jeff Rian, Marty Vickers, Stephen Harrison, Marten Ingle, Yvan Duhamel, Alexandra Roos, Bob Coke
- A full-size booklet, 12 pages, loose: lyrics and b/w offset photographs and drawings.
- 10 original artworks by:
Vito Acconci, Lewis Baltz, Dike Blair, Stéphane Dafflon, Marcelline Delbecq, Anders Edström, Véronique Joumard, Richard Prince, Alain Séchas, Jean-Luc Vilmouth
Box size : 32 x 44.5 x 3.5 cm
Edition GDMultiples, Paris, France, 2010.
Edition of 50
Each box is numbered and each artwork is signed and numbered on 50

See all information on the Rowboat Box





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