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arman (armand fernandez)





ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Full-Up

ARMAN Full Up 1960

Announcement. Object. Ephemera.
Sardine can used as announcement for the Arman's show at Galerie Iris Clert, "Le Plein" '(Full-Up), Paris, October 1960. It is supposed to be filled with rubbish which can be found in the Paris Metro. This was the first time he showed his "accumulations". 10.5x6x3 cm.
J.M. Poinsot: Mail Art communication, a distance concept, CEDIC, Paris, 1971.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): "Le Plein"

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): "Le Plein"

Handwritten invitation card for the Arman' show "Le Plein", Full-Up.
Black ink on white card.
5.7 x 8.6 cm.




ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Galerie Lawrence, 11 Mai 1965 de 5 à 8

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Galerie Lawrence, 11 Mai 1965 de 5 à 8

Announcement. Inclusion.

Inclusion in a translucent resin cube in shape of an ice cube (modeled in an ice cube tray) of various metallic objects (small balls or nails, screws...) and of a small transparent lucite plate with text of the announcement printed black.
4.5x3.7x2.7 cm.
These "ice cubes" were used as announcements for the opening of the Arman's show at Galerie Lawrence, Paris, F., May 11, 1965.
They are original inclusions by Arman, each cube is different, unique.
Extra Art, Smart Art Press, Santa Monica, CA, USA, 2001, #24.
This item has participated in the Arman exhibition at the Centre Pompidou (Paris September 9, 2010-January 10, 2011) and is reproduced in the catalogue of the exhibition, p. 310.
Condition: As new.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Barbecube

ARMAN Barbecube Accumulation 1969
Multiple original.
Accumulation of shavers in a transparent plexiglas cube. 40.2x39.9x25.2 cm.
Signed on the lower right corner of one of the wider sides.
"This piece is one of a series of 20 copies, all different, all signed. "Uniktat(en)", that Arman called at the time "Multiple Originals".
Later, in 1972, he created, at the same format, with the same elements, shavers in a transparent plexiglas cube, a multiple, his first one, edited by a Belgian gallery, in Antwerp, in an edition of 60 copies, all signed and numbered."

References: Denyse Durand-Ruel archive.
Provenance: private collection, acquired directly from the artist, in 1969.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Les Ustensiles familers

Exhibition catalogue.
2p.+9pl. Softcvover.13x7 cm.
Galerie I. Sonnabend, Paris, 1969.




ARMAN (Armand Fernandez) Colère de Lunettes (Glasses anger). 1970.  

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez)

Colère de Lunettes (Eye-glasses anger)


Colère (Anger).

Mixed technique. Fragmented eye-glasses and acrylic paint mounted on board painted black.
Housed in the original clear plexiglas box with wooden back painted white. 1970.

40x30x5.5 cm.

Signed in black pencil by Arman in the front lower right corner.

Condition: excellent.

given by the artist to the owner.

Registered at the Denyse Durand-Ruel archive under n° 202 (certificate).



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Ace Gallery, Los Angeles

Announcement. Object.
Found package of Zig-Zag rolling papers. 4,5x7,5 cm. Rubber stamped with the exhibition information inside top flap: "ARMAN, March 10-March 28, ACE 10846 Lindbrock Dr. WLA 90024". Ace Gallery, Los Angeles, 1970.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): N.R. (Nouveau Realisme) Milano 1970

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): N.R. (Nouveau Realisme) Milano 1970

Object. Ephemera.
A sealed translucent plastic bag filled with waste. A white paper label is pasted on one side (on this copy upside down), with text printed offset in black and Arman's signature in black ink.
30x15.5x2 cm.
Each bag is unique.
Signed by Arman.
Only a very few copies were signed by Arman. Among them, this copy (During the opening, Arman gave the audience empty plastic bags to fill with rubbish of their choice and to bring back to him. Then he was sealing them and throwing them in the assembly. A few people took them back to him and had their bags signed).
Rare, particularly signed.
This piece was created on the occasion of the historical show organized for the 10th anniversary of the Nouveau Realisme movement, at La Rotonda della Besana, Milan, Italy, 11.27. 1970 -1.25. 1971, in which participated Arman, César, Christo, Deschamps, Dufrêne, Hains, Klein, Raysse, Rotella, de St Phalle, Spoerri, Tinguely, Villeglé.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Untitled (Chorus)

ARMAN Chorus 1970

Black ink on an opaque white vinyl sheet. 23.6x17.7 cm. Edition of 80 copies, numbered in black pencil and signed (engraved) in the vinyl by Arman.
From Chorus #5/6, 1970.




ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Untitled (En Raison de l'Encombrement des Lignes). (1973)  

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Untitled (En Raison de l'Encombrement des Lignes)

Coupe (Cut)

Bakelite telephone sliced in two halves, each included in a block of concrete.
50x25x13 cm (19 7/8 x 9 7/8 x 5 1/8 in.).
Complete in two parts.
Edition of 30 (+ 5 A.P., numbered from E.A. 1 to E.A. 5).
Publisher: Galerie Alexandre de la Salle, Vence, France, (1973).
Maker: Arman's Studio, Vende, France.
Signed by Arman.

See this
page in the Arman's official and historical site, at the date 1973.




ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Froissements (Crumpling). La Poubelle du Poète

ARMAN (Fernadez): Froissement. 1975

Trash can.
Accumulation of crumpled pages of the book "Odor di Femina" by Jacques Lepage, inside a transparent plexiglass box.
40.1x30.6x6.8 cm (15 3/4 x 12 x 2 11/16").
Galerie Ferrero and J. Lepage, Paris, F., 1975.
Edition of 90.
Numbered and signed.
Excellent condition.
Denyse Durand-Ruel archive, n° 3513.
Arman's official web site: General Catalogue -



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Déchet d'Arman

ARMAN Dechet 1977

A thin transparent rodoid cylindrical box with lid containing an orange paper work overall with zip showing black paint spots. White paper label mounted on the lid with title handwritten in red ink and blue rubber stamp: "Déchet d'Arman". Box: 23 cm high, diameter: 13 cm. Created for the show "La Boutique Aberrante", organized by D. Spoerri at the Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, in 1977.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Untitled (Burnt bridges)

ARMAN (Armand Fernandez) Chevalets brules Burnt bridges    

Unique piece, Prototype for the edition.
Charred wooden violin bridges included in polyester and covered with a plexiglass box.
Created in 1977, realized in 1993.
40x24.8x4.3 cm, on a plexiglass base.

This copy is unique.
Realized before and apart the edition, it is a "Trial Proof" (in fact, the prototype of the multiple).

A bit thiner than the copies of the edition (4.3 instead of 5 cm), for the reason that the back is also made of polyester instead of plexiglass used later in the edition.

This copy is registered at the Denyse Durand-Ruel Archive under n° 9594, as the "Prototype for an edition".
Certificate, on the back of a photo of the piece.

Signed on the base with mention "Essai" (Trial) beside the signature.

Excellent condition.
Provenance: the publisher.

100 (+10 A.P. and 10 H.C.), scratch numbered and signed.



ARMAN (Armand Fernandez): Untitled (Trash can, paint tubes)

Smashed paint tubes in a cardboard container, under a plexiglass box. 44x26x9 cm. Edition B. Lamarche-Vadel, Paris, France, 1993. 35 (+4 A.P.+3 H.C.) copies, numbered and signed.





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