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artists postcards



Eleanor ANTIN: 100 Boots. 1971-1973.

ANTIN Eleanor 100 Boots

Artist postcards.
Set of 44 postcards (of 51). Stamped and mailed to a very famous French gallery in Paris. Each: 11.4 x 17.8 cm. Solana Bech, 1971-1973.


S. ARAKAWA: Untitled ("No!" says the signified") 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 1973.
Artist postcards.
A complete set of 6 colored postcards published as advertising for the portfolio of 6 lithographs "No!" says the signified". Multiples, NYC, 1973. Fine.


Arman; Boltanski, Christian; Brecht, George; Gette, Paul-Armand; Filliou, Robert; Le Gac, Jean; Iannone, Dorothy; Messager, Annette; Vautier, Ben. 1976.
Artists postcards.
Set of 27 artists postcards, by Arman (3); Christian Boltanski (2); George Brecht (6); Paul-Armand Gette (1); Robert Filliou (2); Jean Le Gac (6); Dorothy Iannone (3); Annette Messager (1); Ben Vautier (3). Loose. Each card: 10x15 cm. Arrocria, Antibes, France, 1976.


(Artist postcards) Premier Festival International de la Carte Postale d'Avant-Garde. Catalogue 1. 53 catres postales. 1979.

Premier Festival International de la Carte Postale d'Avant-Garde.

Artist postcards.
Complete set of 53 artist postcards in a green folder, loose. 15x10 cm. Texts in French by A. Weill, S. Forestier, J.-P. Seguin, J. Blaine, C. Rigal, Ch. Dreyfus, in Italian by F. Solmi, M. Pasquali. Postcards by, among others, F. Solmi, B. Quentin, Wolman, F. Janicot, J. Hubeau, H. Fischer, J. Blaine, F. Plessi.
Published on the occasion of the Premier Festival International de la Carte Postale d'Avant-Garde (First avantgarde postcard international festival), at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, 1979.


Association Fête de la Lettre. Paris. 80s.
2 complete sets of 36 artist postcards each:
- 1st set of 36 colored artist postcards. Published on the occasion of "La Fête de la Poésie" in Paris, April 23, 1983. Association Fête de la Lettre, Paris. With the contribution of the CNAP:
GASARIAN, Christine: Ouf! KLASEN, Peter: Explosifs. 1981. KLASEN, Peter: Porte blindée. 1981. KOLAR, Jiri: A avec son enfant. KOLAR, Jiri: Lecture. KOLAR, Jiri: Livre de la Sagesse aquatique. KOLAR, Jiri: Maison natale d'un poème. KOLAR, Jiri: Palette qui chante. KOLAR, Jiri: Petit homage à Manet. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de A à E. Alphafeet from A to E. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de F à J. Alphafeet from F to J. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de K à N. Alphafeet from K to N. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de O à R. Alphafeet from O to R. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de S àV. Alphafeet from S to V. LEWANDOWSKI, T.A.: Alphapieds de W à Z. Alphafeet from W to Z. MAZA, Fernando: Untitled. MAZA, Fernando: Untitled. METAIL, Michèle: Carte postale en pavillons alphabétiques. MUNTADAS / BRAY: Media Eyes, photo de la installation/billboard. PARRA, Catalina: Don't get locked in. POUSSIN, G.: Déjeuner sur le tapis. RABASCALL, Joan: La voix de son maître. ROSSELL, Benet: Le théâtre du carnage. ROSSELL, Benet: Esvaïment encisador. ROSSELL, Benet: Micro. ROSY: Les véhémentes silencieuses. ROSY: Voyelles volantes. ROSY: La mémoire oubliée. VOSS, Ian: Lectures pour tous (huile). 1968. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre du Bronx. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre de Harlem WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre aérienne de Californie. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre du Nouveau Mexique. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre de Singapour. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre des Seychelles. WILLEM: Alphabet (1976).
- 2nd set of 36 artist postcards, black and white:
BEN: Allez vous faire foutre. BEN: Anybody can have an idea. BEN: Carte postale. BEN: Coin déchiré par Ben BEN: If new is not new, whats new? BEN: J'ai rencontré... BEN: Just a look at me. BEN: N'importe qui peut avoir une idée. BEN: Postcard. BEN: 15 cm. BEN: Votre pouce sur cette carte m'intéresse. BEN: I want glory. BORY, Jean-François: Errata. BORY, Jean-François: Hommage à Pavlov. BORY, Jean-François: Stock Market report. BORY, Jean-François: Et après le sujet le verbe. From start to finish. ERLIJ, Tania: Indiscreciones. FURNIVAL, John: In the beginning. MAIREY, Françoise: Exercices de tierces passage index et majeur. METAIL, Michèle: Carte postale pour gardien de phare. METAIL, Michèle: Carte postale pour sourd muet. MUNTADAS: La Télévision. 1980. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre de Bornéo. MUNTADAS: Watching the Press/Reading Television 10mn. 1981. MUNTADAS: Showdown, de la série "Media Ecology Ads", 1982. RABASCALL, Joan: A voz do dono. RABASCALL, Joan: La voce del padrone. RABASCALL, Joan: La voz de su amo. RABASCALL, Joan: His master's voice. RABASCALL, Joan: Nord/Sud. ROSY: Bataille des Lettres. ROSY: Déguisé (C). ROSY: Oah! SCHWARTZ, René: Exemplaire du "Monde" chiffonné, déchiffonné. 1974. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre du Sénégal. WAXMANN, Michel: Lettre de Waterloo.

These two sets cannot be sold separately.


Joseph BEUYS: ... Macht die Geheimmise produktiv!. Joseph Beuys FIU-Initiative Wangen Allg.-4. 80's.
Artist postcard.
Postcard,10.5x14.8 cm, mounted on a card sheet, 32.6x42.8 cm. Text-title printed black on a tipped-in white paper label. Signed in red ink by Beuys on the front side. FIU rubber stamp and number in the edition on the back side.


Joseph BEUYS: Es kommt alles auf den Wärme-charakter im Denken an! Das ist die neue Qualität des Willens. Joseph Beuys. '80s.
Atist postcard.
Postcard,10.5x14.8 cm, mounted on a card sheet, 32.6x42.8 cm. Text-title printed black on a tipped-in white paper label. Signed in red ink by Beuys on the front side. Numbered on the back side.


Joseph BEUYS: Postkarten. (1985).

BEUYS Jospeh Postkarten Postcards 1985
Artist postcards.
80 postcards (10.5x14.8 cm) by J. Beuys. In a card box (17.2x12.4x3.2 cm) with printed lid. Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, Germany, n.d. 1st edition. Complete.


Christian BOLTANSKI: Livres. 19991-92.
Artist publication/Artist postcards/Exhibition catalogue.
Leaflet containing 4 colored postcards + 1 with text, bound together. 10.5x15 cm. Colored photos of the CB books and of the window cases in which they were exhibited in the St Gallen Stiftsbibliothek, n.d. (1991-92).


Andre CADERE: Ephemera/Activity reports:

CADERE Andre Devant Miroir de Broodthaers 1974   CADERE Andre Massimo Minini, 1975

Andre Cadere devant le miroir de Broodthaers au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles le 26.9.1974.
Ephemera/Activity report.
Black and white offset photo on white card. Postcard. 15x10 cm. Photo by B. Marcelis.
Andre Cadere, Brescia, 1975.
Ephemera/Activity report.
Black and white offset on white card. 15.5x10.3 cm. Andre Cadere at Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, It., 1975.


Sophie CALLE: Comme si de rien n'était. 1997.
Artist postcards.
Set of 12 postcards folded inside an illustrated card cover. Each card: on one side, a colored photo, printed in photolitho; on the other side, text in French by S. Calle. Folded: 10.7x15.2 cm. Published on the occasion of the S. Calle's show at the Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation, Château de Lavigny, Switzerland, May 4 - 31,1997. Fine. Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation, Château de Lavigny, Switzerland, 1997. 1st edition.


CHRISTO: Wrapped in, Wrapped out. 1968.
Artist postcards.
36 postcards in a card box. 15.3x12.5 cm. Photos by H. Shunk-Kender. Published on the occasion of the show at the MOCA, Chicago, 1968-1969.


Lucio DEL PEZZO: Untitled. (1968).
Artist postcards.
19 postcards, generally reproductions of Del Pezzo works. In a card slipcase. 11.2x15.5 cm. Galerie Blumenthal-Mommaton, Paris, (1968).


Mirtha DERMISACHE: 4 cartes postales. 1978.

Mirtha DERMISACHE: 4 cartes postales. 1978

Artist postcards.
Art in written form. 4 postcards printed offset both sides + 1 ("colophon"), loose, under a card cover. Into a translucent paper envelope. 11.5x16.2 cm. Schraenen, Antwerp, Belgium, 1978. Edition of 100, numbered and signed by the artist.


Jan DIBBETS /Seth SIEGELAUB: On May 9 (friday), May 12 (monday) and May 30 (friday) 1969 at 3:00 Greenwich Mean Time (9:00 EST) Jan Dibbets will make the gesture indicated on the overside at the place marked "X" in Amsterdam, Holland.


Announcement/Artist postcard/Edition.
Offset lithograph. 2 b/w photos on one side, text on the other side. 15.5 x 10.5 cm. A one-person art exhibition which took place in Amsterdam on 9, 12 and 30 May 1969 which was communicated by means of a printed postcard mailed from New York. Amsterdam, New York: Seth Siegelaub, May 1969. One of the very early "Conceptual Art" exhibitions.
Meyer: Konzeption, p. 116. Lippard: Six years.., p. 103. Extra Art, #120.


Robert FILLIOU: Envelope. A Postcard by R. Filliou. 1976.
Artist postcard.
Envlope "Par Avion" (Air Mail), sealed. Blank verso, except the usual mentions "Par Avion/By Air Mail". The recto is printed as a postcard, with the left part left blank for the message, and with text "Envelope A Postcard by R. Filliou", publisher' name and address; The right one with the pre-printed location for the stamp as well as for the addressee' name and address. Ecart Publications, Geneva, 1976. Ecart's Postcards n°3. Edition of 1000 unnumbered copies.
L. Bouvier/C. Chérix: "L'irrésolution commune d'un engagement récipoque: Ecart, Genève 1969-1982", 1997, p. 54, 133.


IMAGE BANK Post Card Show. 1977.
Artists postcards.
Complete set of 48 + 1 cards, loose, in a card box, by 48 artists. Among them: Acconci, Adams, Antin, Cavellini, Cortez & Sieverding, Cumming, Dadaland, Diacono, Filliou, Fischer, Ford, General Idea, Hendricks, Higgins, Johnson, Jones, Knowles, Kostelanetz, Levine, Lewitt, Mapplethorpe, Matta-Clark, Nitsch, Y. Rainer, Ruscha, Vautier. Each card: 15.3x9.9 cm. Box: 15.3x10.9x1.9 cm. Image Bank, Vancouver, Canada, 1977. Printed by Rapoport Printing Corp., NYC, NY. 1st ed.


On KAWARA: I got up at 3:22 P.M. 1971.
Artist postcard.
Postcard (United Nations Headquarters) post stamp, mailed. Postcard text in blue offset, Kawara's black rubber stamped. Mailed from NYC, March 2, 1971, but dated by Kawara (rubber stamp) Feb 28 1971, to F. Lambert, who had a gallery in Milan. "Giant postcard", 15.2x22.9 cm.


KWY 12. Hiver 1963.
Artist periodical/Artist postcards. Published by Lourdes Castro, Christo, Jan Voss, René Bertholo.
1 page text in French by L. Castro, 1 title page. 18 plates: 54 postcards (3 a plate), some of them silkprinted in colors, by: P. Alechinski, A. Balthazar, R. Bertholo, Q. Biasi, K.F. Brust, C. Bryen, S. Buri, P. Bury, D. Cassee, L. Castro, Colinet, Corneille, Cruz-Diez, S. Fergola, Ferro, G. Duarte, A. Greco, J. Van der Heyden, I. Bernardini, M. Minujin, A. Morain, A. Otero, Le Parc, M. Pardo, Shunk-Kender, W. Spribille, H. Télémaque, J. Voss. Card covers. 30.4x20.4 cm. Last issue of KWY, in an edition of 90 numbered copies.


Jean LE GAC: Les Clichés, photo-texte. 1975.
Artist postacrds.
Complete set of 6 postcards, numbered 1/6 to 6/6.
On one side, a b/w offset photograph, on the other one, text in both French and English.
Each: 10x15 cm.
Arrocaria, Antibes, France, 1975.


Duane MICHALS: 1 - 6 Sequence: Paradise Regained. 1968.
Photos. Postcards.
Sequence of 6 original b/w photos, loose, in the original white card envelope printed black with a cutting out on the front side, showing the first photo. The back of each photo is printed as a postcard. Each photo: 10.5x15 cm. Envelope: 11.1x15.5 cm. Foto+Film Centrum vzw, Antwerp, 1968. Antwerp. Envelope: G/VG; Photos: Fine.


(Maurizio NANNUCCI) Méla postcard book/ Una raccolta di cartoline d'artiste a cura di Maurizio Nannucci. 1979.

Maurizio NANNUCCI Méla postcard book

Set of 48 9.5x15 cm artsts potscards, most of them in colors. Loose, inside cardboard folder and a slipcase. Bianconero, (Rome, (1979).
Contributing artists: Andersen, Baldessari, Bartoloni, Baruchello, B.& H. Becher, Beuys, Byars, Boetti, Burden, Buren, Cage, Chiari, Coleman, de Vries, Feldmann, Filliou, Finlay, General Idea, Gette, Iannone, Johnson, Kolar, Le Gac, Lewitt, M. & M. Nannucci, Ontani, Roth, Rainer, Ruscha, Ben Vautier, Williams, etc.
First publication in a series of special editions published between each issue of the magazine Mela.
Catalogue Nannucci, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, 1994, p. 16.


Artist rubber stamps and postcards.
12 postcards with original rubber stamps by: Eduard Bal, Ben, Henryk Bzook, Jorge Carabello, Michael Gibbs, Horst Hahn, Robert Jacks, J.H. Kocman, Gérald Minkoff, Maurizio Nannucci, Muriel Olesen, Gabor Toth. In a slipcase. 14?7x10.5 cm. Guy Schraenen, Anvers, 1977. Edition of 250 numbered copies.


Artist postcards.
Complete set of 21 postcards printed in photogravure on light yellow paper, by #1. M. Duchamp, #2. A. Breton, #3. M. Ernst, #4. P. Eluard, #5. D. Maar, #6. Miro, #7. S. Dali, #8. H. Bellmer, #9. Man Ray, #10. Y. Tanguy, #11. O. Dominguez, #12. H. Arp, #13. G. Hugnet, #14. M. Oppenheim, #15. R. Magritte, #16. J. Breton, #17. R. Penrose, #18. M. Jean, #19. W. Paalen, #20. N. Eluard, #21. P. Picasso. Printed in Paris, France, 1937. Without the original silvered paper envelope.




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