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john cage



John CAGE: Silence. Lectures and writings. 1961.
XII+276p. Text in English. Cloth+d.j. Lectures and articles by J. Cage. Wesleyan, Middletown, 1961. 1st edition.


John CAGE: Notations. 1969.

John CAGE: Notations. 1969

Artist book.
Unpaginated. Original publisher's wrappers, perfect bound. B/w reproductions of a collection of music manuscripts by S. Brouwn, E. Brown, S. Bussotti, J. Cage, G. Chiari, H. Christiansen, A. Conrad, A. Copland, H. Cowell, M. Feldman, C. Fernbach-Flarsheim, P. Corner, L. Andriessen, R. Ashley, M. Babbitt, The Beatles, L. Berio, S. Bloch, B. Boretz, P. Bowles, G. Brecht, J. Byrd, C. Chavez, B. Childs, Chou W.-C., A. Clementi, J. Cortes, M. Cortez, I. Dahl, L. De Pablo, F. Donatoni, T. Ehrlich, R. Filliou, K. Friedman, M. Gideon, P. Glanville-Hicks, M. Goldstein, C. Hamm, L. Harrison, G. Hendricks, D. Higgins, K. Husa, R. Johnson, A. Kaprow, A. Knowles, A. Lucifer, G. McKay, J.W. Morthenson, F. Myrow, Y. Ono, N.J. Paik, B. Patterson, R. Riehn, D. Roth, C. Schneemann, K. Schwertsik, I. Stravinsky, M. Thorpe, D. Tudor, W. Vostell, R. Winslow, S. Wolpe, J. Yuasa, G. Zacher and some others.
The book is composed by Alison Knowles.
Something Else Press Inc., West Glover, VT, 1969. First edition. Lightly bumped at right upper and lower corners. VG/VG+.
Reference: Peter Frank: Something Else Press, an annotated bibliography, McPherson & Company, 1983, p. 31.


John CAGE: Il treno di Cage. Cage's train. Le train de Cage. 1979.
Artist recording and book.
21 p., text in Italian, French, English by Tito Gotti and letters from T. Gotti to Gage and from Cage to Gotti, and numerous b/w offset photo plates. Photos by Nino Monastra. An audio cassette is mounted on the front cover. Soft cover. 21x15 cm. The book is bumped at the bottom spine, the audio cassette is still sealed. Three festival-trip-concert by train organized by Cage in Italy. Grafis & Fylkingen, Bologna, Italy, 1979. 1st edition.







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