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Sophie CALLE: Tito.

Sophie CALLE: Tito

Artist book
120 pages with mounted xeroxed newspaper cuttings (parts of articles about Field Marshal Tito) and 3 original mounted colored photos. Hard bound. 15.5x11 cm. Created in 1980, the copies have been realized, as and when required, for a total edition of 10 numbered and signed copies + 10, remaining the artist's property. First Sophie Calle's artist book.




Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs (The Sleepers): Jean Yves Le Gavre, 23ème Dormeur. 1980.

Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 1   Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 2   Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 3
Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 4   Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 5   Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs 6
    Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs Text    Sophie CALLE: Les Dormeurs Signature

Seven panels, six original gelatin silver prints and one explanatory text unit.
13.5x18.5 cm each.
Framed: 16.3x21.3 cm.
Black wood frame, under glass.
Each photo comes with an handwritten text by S. Calle.
1 leaf at the same format, framed, with text recording the different stages of the sleep of the sleeper.
Photos taken in 1979, created as a work of art in 1980.
Each of the 23 series of the Dormeurs -sleepers - comes in 3 copies in French and 3 in English.
Our copy of this series of Jean Yves Le Gavre is the number 3/3 of the French version. (the second "3" has been mistakingly written 5 and then corrected by hand by Sophie Calle into a "3".
Sophie Calle, asked about that, said the edition size is definitely 3 copies (of each the French and the English versions), this "mistake" in the numeration of this copy and its correction had already been recorded in her own archive).
Titled, editioned and signed in black ink by Sophie Calle on the back of the last photo.
Perfect condition.

First official Sophie Calle's work of art:
In 1979, Sophie Calle asked several (23) persons, friends, strangers, neighbors, to come and spend eight hours in her bed in order to keep this bed occupied twenty-four hours a day. These people had to accept to be photographied and to answer some questions. She took photographs of the sleepers and noted the important elements of these short meetings: subjects of discussion, positions of the sleepers, their movements during their sleep, the detailed menu of their breakfast she was preparing for them... The whole set of these series of photographs (23) was exhibited at the XIth Biennale de Paris in 1980, fiirst Sophie Calle's show who then decided to "become an artist."




Sophie CALLE: Suite Vénitienne. Jean Baudrillard: Please follow me. 1983.

Sophie CALLE: Suite Vénitienne. Jean Baudrillard: Please follow me. 1983

Artist book.
93 numbered pages/plates. Text in French and offset b/w photos by S. Calle. Text in French by J. Baudrillard. Wrappers. 20.9x17.9 cm. Editions de L'Etoile, Collection 'Ecrit sur l'image', Paris, F., 1983. SIGNED by artist.




Sophie CALLE: Anatoli. 1986.

Sophie CALLE: Anatoli. 1986

Exhibtiion catalogue.
23 pages. Texts in French by D. Renard and C. Caujolle. B/w offset photos. Wrappers. Stapled bound. 22x15.5 cm. Published for the show at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts G. Pompidou, Dunkerque (Dunkirk), F., 1986. Lay-out by Ph. Robert. A few scratches on the front cover.




Sophie CALLE: J'ai rencontré des gens qui sont nés aveugles. Qui n'ont jamais vu. Je leur ai demandé quelle est pour eux l'image de la beauté. 1987.

Sophie CALLE: J'ai rencontré des gens qui sont nés aveugles

Exhibition catalogue.
24 unnumbered pages. Text in French by B. Raison. B/w offset photos. 6 full-page tipped-in photos. Stapled wrappers. 21x19.3 cm. Centre d'Art de Flaine, F., Feb. 26-May 3, 1987.




an ephemera



Sophie CALLE: Les Tombes. 1990.

Sophie CALLE: Les Tombes

Original b/w photos of anonymous graves giving only the family relationship, such as: "Mother", "Father", or "Husband", "Sister", etc. That work comes, as the case may be, in 1 piece or in sets of 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces, for a total of 56 different unities. Each piece comes with a strong dark grey metallic frame.
58.5 x 39 cm.
Edition of 7 copies + 3 A.P.
The reproduction showing here does not come from one of the offered sets, but from another one. Still exactly the same.





Sophie CALLE: A Suivre... 1991.

Sophie CALLE: A Suivre...

Exhibition catalogue/Artist publication.
86 pages/plates. Texts in French by S. Pagé, H. Guibert, Y.-A. Bois. Offset b/w and colored photo reproductions of works. The first page of each section (one work a section) is printed on tracing paper with a text (except "Les autobiographies") in French by S. Calle: "Les dormeurs", "Le confessionnal", "Le Bronx", "L'hôtel", "La filature", "L'homme au carnet", "Anatoli", "Les aveugles", "Les autobiographies", "Les tombes". Biography and list of the works. Wrappers. 25x19.1 cm. Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 1991. Designed by S. Calle.




Sophie CALLE: La Fille du Docteur. 1991.

Sophie CALLE: La Fille du Docteur   Sophie CALLE: La Fille du Docteur

Artist book.
18 pages album, including the title + 16 plates of tracing paper, printed with offset b/w photos. 15 business cards + 1 in the colophon page. Hard bound, covered with faux leopard fur. In a card box with lid on which is mounted a label with text printed offset black. 28.8x21 cm. Box: 29.7x22.1x3.2 cm. Thea Westreich, NYC, NY, 1991.
Normal edition: 230 (+ 3 A.P.)
Deluxe edition: 20 (10 in French, 10 in English) numbered and signed copies + 6 A.P. (3 in French, 3 in English) including an original b/w photo (120x88 cm) by S. Calle). Numbered on the business card mounted on the colophon page and on a label mounted inside the box lid.
One of the 230.




Sophie CALLE: Des Histoires Vraies. 1994.
Artist book.
67 pages. Text in French, b/w offset photos by S. Calle. Softcover. 19x10 cm. Actes Sud, Arles/Sollertis, Toulouse, F., 1994. 1st edition.




Sophie CALLE: Die Entfernung - The Detachment. 1996.

Sophie Calle Detachment 1 Sophie Calle Detachment 2

Diptych. 2 white paper sheets printed offset, one in colors, one in black, on one side. Each: 59.4x42 cm. Arndt & Partner Gallery, Berlin, Germany. Edition of 50 copies numbered and signed in black pen on the back of the black one.




Sophie CALLE: Comme si de rien n'était. 1997.

Sophie CALLE: Comme si de rien n'était. 1997

Artist postcards.
Set of 12 postcards folded inside an illustrated card cover. Each card: on one side, a colored photo, printed in photolitho; on the other side, text in French by S. Calle. Folded: 10.7x15.2 cm. Published on the occasion of the S. Calle's show at the Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation, Château de Lavigny, Switzerland, May 4 - 31,1997. Fine. Ledig-Rowohlt Foundation, Château de Lavigny, Switzerland, 1997. 1st edition.




Sophie CALLE: Le Dé / The Dice. 2000.

Sophie CALLE: Le Dé / The Dice

Multiple. Object.
Ivory (bone for export) dice mounted in a jewellery box covered with black leather.
Inside the lid, text in French by S. Calle printed in gold ink.
Dice: 0.7 x 0.7x 0.7 cm.
Box: 7.3 x 7.3 x 3.8 cm.
Item, Paris, F., 2000.
Edition of 250 copies in French and 250 copies in English ("The Dice"), numbered inside the bottom of the box.
This copy, one of the edition in French with a dice in ivory.




Sophie CALLE: Le Livre Vierge. 2000.

Sophie CALLE Le Livre Vierge. 2000

Edition. Object.
Cloth bound blank book with headband, to be mounted, open flat, upside down, on a wall with two mettalic rods and four screws. Book, open: 26.4x36.5 cm. Headband, hanging from the bottom (head) of the book: 35 cm. Metallic rods: 50x1 cm. Piece: 50x36.5 cm. Editon of 33 numbered and signed copies + 5 A.P.




Sophie CALLE: A set of 62 ephemera. 1986 through 2000.

Invitation cards, advertising leaflets for books, exhibitions, etc.
Detailed list on demand.




Sophie CALLE: Lettre à F. 2002.

Sophie CALLE: Lettre à F. 2002.

Kraft paper envelope containing a color photo (xerox) of the 12 students class with S. Calle, and 13 envelopes, each one containng a letter.
Kraft paper envelope: 33x25.5 cm.
Self-published, Paris, 2002.
This work was executed by together the 12 students and Sophie Calle when she was teaching at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. The piece consists in letters by Sophie Calle and each of the students (and S. Calle) wrote to tell somebody something important they had never dared to tell before.
Edition of 180 signed and numbered copies.
Rare item:
The entire edition of 180 copies was shared by Sophie Calle and the 12 students, and has never been commercialized.
Signed and title by each of the paticipants, including S. Calle on the recto of the kraft envelope, dated and numbered on the verso.








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