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gruppo cavart
p. bortolami, p. brombin, m. de lucchi, b. pastovicchio, v. tridenti


ruppo CAVART: Architettura Impossible. Impossible Architecture. 1975.
(Gruppo CAVART, founded in 1972, by P. Bortolami, P. Brombin, M. De Lucchi, B. Pastovicchio, V. Tridenti).
Architecture monograph.
64 unnumbered pages. Bilingual Italian-English text by A. Mendini, texts in Italian by A. Mendini, U. Ecco, F. Raggi. Mainly b/w reproductions of works by Gruppo Cavart. Wrappers. 25.6x20.8 cm. 26 impossible architectures by: Zzigurat (A. Mendini, N. Nola, P. Navone, A. De Angelis), V. Tridenti, F. Lazzaro, G. Ulivieri, Cavart (3 architectures), F. Raggi, P. Brombin, P. Funghi, B. Pastrovicchio, R. Pengo, O. Lancioni, P.P. Bortolami, E. Malagigi, M. Zorzi-M. Gasparini-G. Zandona-G. Beghin, Gruppo Terroni, M. Colle, A. Galderisi-M. Colle, Lidibach, M. De Lucchi, W. Alsop, R. Serino, B. Orlandoni-R. Gibello-G. Vallino-L. Querella. Self-published, Italy, 1975. Distributed by Centro Di, Firenze.
"The work gathers the documentation on the seminary-yard which took place in a quarry in July 1975 organized in order to experiment with plans and realizations of impossible architectures. The papers regarding the works have been gathered by an international announcement of competition managed by Cavart, which attended to its realizatiion with every planner. This study, included in the international debate on the radical architecture, has just the aim to prove by documents the preparatory works, the partecipants and their works in the ambit of the meeting".
A. Branzi, Le Design Italien, "La Casa Calda", biography, p. 151-152.





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