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collective shows



Collective shows catalogues, publications, works.

Artist publication.White cdarboard box, 31.5x23.3x3.8 cm, containing (60p.) leaflet with French-Ducth texts y K.J. Geirlandt, B. Gautier, A. Jouffroy, G. Lascault, A. Pacquement and 12 artist books/publications, each warappers, 29.8x21 cm: Ben: "Mon actuelle position en art": (24)p./pl. C. Boltanski: "Saynètes comiques": 32 pl. b/w offset photos. D. Buren: "Pour donner la parole, je substitue POUR aux pages qui me sont attribuées...": (12)p./pl. L. Cane: "Le métier de peintre": (12)p./pl. D. Dezeuze: "Du différé d'un discours par Marcelin Pleynet": (12)p./pl. Erro: Untiteld: (12)pl. R. Filliou/J. Pfeufer: "1/2 + 1/2= filliou/pfeufer; le (ou la)poïpodrome...": (12)p./pl. (1ère réalisation du Poïpoïdrome, , le Prototype 00). J. Le Gac: "Le professeur de dessin": (8)p.+1p./pl. J.M. Meurice: Untitled: (12)p./pl., of which one foldind. J. Monory: "Death valley". (16)p./pl. D. Pommereulle: Untitled: (12)p./pl. C. Viallat: Untitled: a (20)p./pl. leporello, including the covers. Text by M. Pleynet. Europalia, Brussels, Belgiuml, 1975.
Published on the occasion of the collective show "12x1" organized by Europalia in collaboration with La Societe des Expositions du Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.


AIR ART. Architectural Association Group, Hans Haacke, Akira Kanayama, Preston McClanahan, David Medella, Robert Morris, Marcello Salvadori, Graham Stevens, John van Saum, Andy Warhol. 1968-69.


Exhibition catalogue.
38p. b.w illustrations. Wrappers. Staple bound. 20.2x20.2 cm. Kineticism Press, New York, NY, 1968. Touring show organized by Willooughby Sharp: Art Council YM/YWHA, Philadel., Contemp. Art Center Cincinnati, Lakeview Center, Peoria, Univ. Art Mus., Univ. of Calif., Berkeley, Lamont Gal., Exeter. Participating artists: rchitectural Association Group, Hans Haacke, Akira Kanayama, Preston McClanahan, David Medella, Robert Morris, Marcello Salvadori, Graham Stevens, John van Saum, Andy Warhol.
Reference: Lippard L.R.: 6 Years: the dematerialization of the art object..., p. 43. Kunst der jungen Generation, vol.2, p. 3.


ALTERNATIVA ZERO. Tendencias polémicas na arte portuguesa contemporânea. 1976.
1 stapled bound leaflet, "catálogo descritivo" list (and bio.) of the 46 paticipating artists and of their works +1 (28)p./pl. leaflet, bilingual Portughese-English texts by E. Prado Coelho, E. de Sousa; 1+ 43 various documents, 23.5x16.5 cm, some folding, artists works, 1 doc. an artist, + 3 doc.
Show at the Galeria nacional de arte moderna de Belém, February 1976, in whcih particpated all the portughese avantgarde, in the art, architecture, cinema, photography, theatre, video fields...
Loose, in a card slipcase,
24.2x16.7x2.8 cm.
No name, no place, 1976.
H. Almeida, J.M. Costa Alves, Alvess, P. Andrade, Andrès, A. Azevedo, V. Belém, J. Bragança, J. Brehem, F. Calhau, C. Capdeville, A. Carniero, J. Carvlho, M. Casimiro, E.M. de Melo e Castro, J. Conduto, N. da Costa, G. Pereira Coutinho, Da Rocha, E. de Sousa, L. Chaves Ferreira, R. Fior, C. Gentil-Homem, A. Hatherly, A. Lagarto & N. Coates, A. Lapa, J. Melo, C. Menerès, A. Mendes, L. Moura, J. Peixinho, J. Pinheiro, V. Pomar, J. Rodrigues, J. Almeida Rosa, T. Saldanha, J. Sarmento, A. Sena, Sena da Silva, A. de Sousa, Salette Tavares, A. de Valera, M. Varelha, A. Vieira, J. Vieira, P. Vieira.


Carl ANDRE; Richard ARTSCHWAGER; Daniel BUREN; Chuck CLOSE; Barry Le VA; Sol LeWITT; Robert MANGOLD; Sylvia MANGOLD; Agnes MARTIN; Don NICE; Myrom STOUT; Tom WESSELMAN; Joe ZUCKER: Untitled (Rubberstamp portfolio). 1976.
Set of 13 original prints by 13 artists:
Carl Andre: untitled;
Richard Artschwager: untitled;
Daniel Buren: "1000 placements";
Chuck Close: "Phil";
Barry Le Va: "Installation floor plan for any space surrounded by four walls";
Sol Lewitt: "Lines in four directions";
Robert Mangold: "A square with four squares cut away";
Sylvia Mangold: "Six inches four ways";
Agnes Martin: "Praise" (titled and signed);
Don Nice: "Bear with predella";
Myron Stout: untitled;
Tom Wesselmann: "Shiny nude";
Joe Zucker: "The relocation of property by natural forces".
Each work in a white paper envelope: 21.6x21.6 cm (except A. Martin: 29.1x29.3 cm), with printed in black title of the work, names of the artist, printer and distributor.
Edition of 1000 numbered copies. All envelopes inside a larger one (27.7x37.7 cm) of white card with the number in the edition handwritten in black ink, as title.
Parasol Press, NYC, 1976. Distribution: The Museum of Modern Art, New York.


CONCEPT Art by Klaus HONNEF. 1971.
Art monograph.
192p., ill. 1 folding plate. Phaidon, Cologne, 1971. Huebler, Buren, Brouwn, Lewitt, Barry, Prini, Weiner, Kosuth, Wilson, Kawara, Darboven, Gilbert & George, Dibbets.


FRENCH WINDOW (Ida Biard). 1972-73.
(62)p./pl. Softcover. 11.5x8 cm. One of the famous shows organized by I. Biard, November 1972 - June 1973. Galeria Studentskog Centra, Zagreb, 1973. Edition of 600 copies.
G. Pane, W. Vazan, M. Corfou, Cadere, D. Buren, M. Roquet, S. Greco, Leismuller, P. Vandrepote, A. Roussel, A. Messager, L. Beke, M. Joinier, G.S..C., P. Valentiner, J. Charlier, H. Fischer, S. Oliva, E. Dubreuil, J. Bourseauly, K. Groh, Bruno, J. Roualdes, B. Szombathy, C.G. Boutillon, J. Palumbo, P. Hubert, M. Todorovic, P. Wooddrow, R. Crozier, Pineau, Da Rocha, N. Gravier, J. Marhulik, Devichi, Espiga, D. Mayor, P. Maj, M. Fel-trin, G. Trbuljak, J. Hervé, M.C. Froment, G. Richard, A. Fleischer, B. Borgeaud, Giverne, G.S.K.C., A. Muntadas, H. Wurz, C. Hersant, F. Abad-Mayoux. "French window se trouve devant la Galerie des Locataires à Paris et devient la vitrine yougoslave à partir du 1er juin 1973. Anvoyer (sic) les travaux (qui seront exposés par ordre d'arrivée) à Ida Biard..."


INTER ART AGENTZIA 72. 2e Annuaire de l'avant-garde. Édition Européenne.

628 pages, printed one side only, presenting, in 3 parts, informations about 190 artists, 65 magazines, 73 publishers, 48 artists groups. 1 page a name. Wrappers. 29.5x20.8 cm. Each artist, magazine, publisher, artists group sent, on the publisher's demand, one page with biographical referencies, addresses and informations concerning his work. Very often, these artists have also sent an original mail art contribution. This item is as well a very complete yearbook about the european avantgarde as well as a Mail Art and Assembling piece. A fantastic amount of information and mail art pieces. Under the direction of J. Lepage. Agentzia, Paris, France, 1972. Unspecified and unnumbered edition of 400 copies. The 1st annual, 1971, has probably never existed and there never has been following issues, the publisher said. All published.


Yvon LAMBERT / Michel CLAURA: Actualité d'un Bilan. 1972.
136p. Softcover. 26.9x21 cm. Bilingual French-English texts by Y. Lambert, M. Claura. Works by: Andre, Arakawa, Askevold, Barry, Beckley, Broodthaers, Buren, Christo, Dezeuze, Dibbets, Fulton, Huebler, Kawara, Kienholz, Lamelas, Lewitt, Long, Mangold, Marden, Oppenheim, Renouf, Ristori, Ryman, Salvo, Sandback, Toroni, Tuttle, Twombly, Weiner. Y. Lambert, Paris 1972.


MOTION in VISION/ VISION in MOTION. Robert BREER, Pol BURY, Yves KLEIN, Heinz MACK, Enzo MARI, Bruno MUNARI, MECKER, Dieter Rot, Jesus Raphael SOTO, Daniel SPOERRI, Jean TINGUELY, Paul Van HOEYDONCK. 1959.

Exhibition catalogue.
Unpaginated. 2 pages, intoduction in Dutch and French by Marc Cammewaert, curator of the show. Loose sheet with text in French by Jean Séaux. Two pages, text in French by Bathazar on Bury. Participating artists: Breer, Bury, Klein, Mack, Mari, Munari, Mecker, Rot, Soto, Spoerri, Tinguely, Van Hoeydonck.
Contributions to the catalogue by:
W. Emmet, H. Mack, O. Piene, Bury, D. Rot, J. Tinguely, P. Van Hoeydonck. H. Mack: a sheet of aluminated paper and 2 b/w reproductions of works and a text in German, French, English "The Dynamic Structure of Colour and Light; O. Piene: text in German, French, English and 1 reproduction of the work "reines Licht" (Pure Light); P. Bury: 2 lacerated blank plates; D. Rot: "Carré dépliable" (Unfoldable Square), originally published in #2 of the Spoerri's artist magazine "Material"; E. Williams: "Progression", folding sheet, poem to be published in the forthcoming issue #3 of "Material"; P. Van Hoeydonck: a text by Maurits Blicke. J. Tinguely's contribution is the reproduction of his manifesto "Für Statik" (For Statics) he had dropped, just a week before the openinhg of this show (March 14th), from an airplane on Düsseldorf, Germany. Paper covers (half-sized front cover, showing the aluminated plate by Mack), stapled. 21x21 cm.
Show at the Hessenhuis, Antwerpen, Belgium, March 21 - May 3, 1959.
Very early and rare document on the Zero Group and Nouveau Realisme.


CONTEMPORANEA. Incontri Internazionali d'Arte. 1973-1974.

Catalogue of the very important show "Contemporanea, Incontri Internazionali d'Arte, curated by A. Bonito Oliva, with more than 500 participating avant-garde artists, architects (including the Architettura Radicale movement), furniture designers.
574 pp., profusely illustrated.
Wrappers. 22.5x21.5 cm.
Show at Parcheggio di Villa Borghese, Rome, 11, 1973 - 2, 1974.
Art: Achille Bonito Oliva.
Cinema: Paolo Bertetto.
Theater: Giuseppe Bartolucci.
Architecture and design: Alessandro Mendini.
Photography: Daniela Palazzoli.
Music: Fabio Sargentini.
Dance: Fabio Sargentini.
Artits books and dics: Yvon Lambert, Michel Claura.
Visual and concrete poetry: Mario Diacono.
Alternative information: Bruno Corà, Leietta Gervasio, Paolo Medori.
Contents, after the A. Bonito Oliva's site:
Sezione arte:
Linea analitica: Louis Cane, Giorgio Griffa, Dorothea Rockburne, Richard Tuttle, Roman Opalka, Blinky Palermo, Daniel Buren, Brice Marden, Robert Mangold, Robert Ryman, Frank Stella, Piero Manzoni, Yves Klein, Ellsworth Kelly, Kenneth Noland, Agnes Martin, Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt; Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Enrico Castellani, Francesco Lo Savio; Hans Haacke, Bernd und Hilla Becher, John Baldessari, Hanne Darboven, Vincenzo Agnetti, Victor Burgin, Ian Wilson, On Kawara, Art & Language, Lawrence Weiner, Emilio Prini, Robert Barry, Jan Dibbets, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Mel Bochner; Hamish Fulton, Michael Heizer, Walter De Maria, Richard Long, Christo. Linea processuale: Lothar Baumgarten, Keith Sonnier, Giovanni Anselmo, Alighiero Boetti, Pino Pascali, Mario Merz, Luciano Fabro, Richard Serra, Bruce Nauman, Giulio Paolini. Linea sintetica: Urs Lüthi, Gino De Dominicis, Vettor Pisani, Gilbert & George, Vito Acconci, Marcel Broodthaers, Jannis Kounellis, Joseph Beuys; Fluxus, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Wolf Vostell, Giuseppe Chiari, Robert Watts, Daniel Spoerri, Robert Filliou, Ben Vautier, George Brecht, George Maciunas; Robert Whitman, Allan Kaprow, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Gerard Richter, James Rosenquist, Claes Oldenburg, Richard Hamilton, George Segal, Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Tano Festa, Mario Schifano, Jean Tinguely, Arman, Jim Dine, Cy Twombly, Mimmo Rotella, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg. Area aperta: Sono stati presentati a rotazione temi critici o lavori di artisti nell'ambito di alcuni cicli d'informazione: arte e ideologia, video-tapes e films d'artista, informazione sull'arte sperimentale nei paesi latino americani, informazione sull'arte sperimentale nei paesi socialisti, self/made video-tapes, self/made information, arte/scuola.
Sezione cinema:
Rassegna di oltre ottanta film dei registi: Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Michelangelo Antonioni, Marco Bellocchio, Robert Benayoun, Carmelo Bene, Bernardo Bertolucci, Stan Brakhage, Michel Brault, Luis Buñuel, Paul Burron, John Cassavetes, Shirley Clarke, Carlo Diegues, gruppo "Dziga Vertov", Marco Ferreri, István Gaál, Philippe Garrel, Jean-Luc Godard, Peter Emanuel Goldman, Jean Pierre Gorin, Ruy Guerra, Marcel Hanoun, Danièle Huillet, Miklòs Jancsò, Marin Karmitz, Alexander Kluge, Robert Kramer, Jean-Pierre Lajournade, Norman Mailer, Taylor Mead, Jonas Mekas, Jan Nemec, Nagisa Oshima, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pierre Perrault, Jean-Daniel Pollet, Ron Rice, Jacques Rivette, Glauber Rocha, Jean-Henri Roger, Jean Rouch, Mario Schifano, Jerzy Skolimowski, Michael Snow, Philippe Sollers, Jean-Marie Straub, Andy Warhol.
Sezione teatro:
Performances: People show, Odin Teatret, RAT Theatre, La Pomme Verte, Compagnia G. Vasilicò, Onthological/Hystoric Theatre. Teatro contemporaneo italiano: Beppe Bergamasco, Alberto Grifi e Massimo Sarchielli, Il Carrozzone di Firenze, UFO, Teatro La Maschera, Alvin Curran, Altro, De Bernardinis - Peragallo, Giosetta Fioroni - Sylvano Bussotti - Alberto Boatto, Immagine animata, Katherine Keane, Carlo Quartucci, Laboratorio Teatro Roma - Collettivo Gioco/Sfera. Esperienze d'animazione: Catherine Dasté, Giuliano Scabia, Luca Patella, Lorenza Mazzetti, Riccardo Dalisi, Lorenzo Taiuti.
Sezione architettura:
Sono state proiettate senza interruzioni circa mille immagini.
Sezione fotografia:
Diane Arbus, Lee Friedlander, Ugo Mulas, Duane Michals, Ralph Gibson, Kennet Josephson, Mario Cresci - Gruppo Phantomatic (Franco Triulzi, Luciano Passoni, Mariangela Dimastromatteo).
Sezione musica:
Philip Glass, Terry Riley, La Monte Young, Pandit Pran Nath, Cornelius Cardew, Giuseppe Chiari, Charlemagne Palestine. Sezione danza:
Trisha Brown, Simone Forti, Yvonne Rainer, Grand Union, Steve Paxton, Joan Jonas.
Sezione libri e dischi d'artista:
Libri: Vito Acconci, Vincenzo Agnetti, Laurie Anderson, Carl Andre, Giovanni Anselmo, Arakawa, Arcelli & Comini, Terry Atkinson, Bruce Babbit, David Bainbridge, Michael Baldwin, Robert Barry, Gianfranco Baruchello, Bernd und Hilla Becher, Gottfried Bechtold, Sirio Bellucci, Duccio Berti, Jean Pierre Bertrand, Ida Biard, J. Blake, Mel Bochner, Christian Boltanski, Derek Boshier, Angelo Bozzolla, Mark Boyle, George Brecht, Stanley Brouwn, Daniel Buren, Victor Burgin, S. Brooger, Marcel Broodthaers, Donald Burgy, Ian Burn, James Lee Byars, Andre Cadere, A. Carlin, José Luis Castillejo, Tullio Catalano, Sandro Chia, Giuseppe Chiari, Claudio Cintoli, Jean Clareboudt, James Collins, Jack Collom, P. Corner, Claudio Costa, Giancarlo Croce, Roger Cutforth, Werner Cuvelier, Hanne Darboven, Shilla Decker Dernd, Ferruccio De Filippi, Jan Dibbets, Erik Dietmann, Peter Downsbrough, Ger van Elk, G. Fabbris, Hans Peter Feldmann, Gerald Ferguson, Stano Filko, Robert Filliou, Joel Fisher, Jochen Gerz, Gilbert & George, Zbigniew Gostomski, Dam Graham, Robert Graham, S. Greco, Laura Grisi, Hans Haacke, Richard Hamilton, Michael Harvey, Robert Hebert, Gerard Hemsworth, Juan Hidalgo, Dick Higgins, H. R. Huber, Douglas Huebler, Harold Hurrel, Stephen James Kaltenbach, Ray Johnson, Tadeusz Kantor, Allan Kaprow, Alain Kirili, Alison Knowles, Joseph Kosuth, Jaroslaw Kozlowski, Jannis Kounellis, Emilio Isgrò, David Lamelas, La Monte Young, David K. Lang, John Latham, Bernt Lauter, B. Law, Leandro, Jean Le Gac, Sol LeWitt, Kevin Lole, Alfonso Lopez Gradoli, Martin Maloney, Piero Manzoni, Walter Marchetti, Francesco Matarrese, Antony McCall's, Bruce McLean, Mario Merz, Verena Moser, Ian Murray, Maurizio Nannucci, Bruce Nauman, Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Gina Pane, Giulio Paolini, Eduardo Paolozzi, Luca Patella, Giuseppe Penone, Tom Phillips, Philip Pilkington, Pineau, Bernard Plossu, Anne e Patrick Poirier, Emilio Prini, Mel Ramsden, Klaus Rinke, Peter Roehr, Dieter Rot, Al Ruppensberg, Edward Ruscha, David Rushton, Salvo, Sarkis, Van Scheley, Peter Smith, Lievens Somerlinck van Snick, Allan Sondheim, Keith Sonnier, G. Spiller, Daniel Spoerri, Klaus Staeck, Judith Stein, J. Stezaker, Athena Tacha, N. E. Thing & Co., Gerard Titus Carmel, Philips Tom, Medina Valcarcel, Ben Vautier, F. E. Walther, Andy Warhol, Lawrence Weiner, Emmet Williams, Steve Williats, Hiroshi Yokoyama, Michele Zaza, Marian Zazeela, Valentino Zini, Libri di gruppo.
Dischi: Ubaldo Bartolini, Christian Boltanski, Angelo Bozzolla, Jean Louis Brau, Henri Chopin, Bob Cobbing, Ferruccio De Filippi, Jan Dibbets, Jean Dubuffet, Francois Dufrene, Peter Engels, Stano Filko, Laura Grisi, Brion Gysin, Raoul Hausmann, Bernard Heidsieck, Maurice Lemaitre, Ian Murray, Gianfranco Notargiacomo, Dennis Oppenheim, Mimmo Rotella, Jacques Spacagna, Paul de Vree, Lawrence Weiner, Gil J. Wolman.
Sezione poesia visiva e concreta:
Alain Arian-Misson, Ronaldo Azeredo, Carlo Belloli, Julien Blaine, Jean-François Bory, Ugo Carrega, Carlfriedrich Claus, Augusto De Campos, Haroldo De Campos, E. M. de Melo, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Pierre Garnier, Heinz Gappmayr, Jochen Gerz, Eugen Gomringer, Dick Higgins, Dom Sylvester Houédard, Emilio Isgrò, Kitasono Katue, Alison Knowles, Jiri Kolàr, Ferdinand Kriwet, Stelio Maria Martini, Jean-Claude Moineau, Seiichi Niikuni, Decio Pignatari, Lamberto Pignotti, Dieter Rot, Sarenco, Takahashi Shohaschiro, Mary Ellen Solt, Adriano Spatola, Edgar Antonio Vigo, Emilio Villa, Emmet Williams, Pedro Xisto.
Sezione informazione alternativa:
Partecipanti: Pio Baldelli, Franco Basaglia, Bollettino di Controinformazione Democratica, Giovanni Bechelloni, Adele Cambria, Umberto Eco, William Haywood, Mario Maffi, Movimento Studentesco, Release, Rote Hilfe, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Soccorso Rosso, Stampa Alternativa, Gabriele Usberti; Videobase (Anna Lajolo, Alfredo Leonardi, Guido Lombardi), Ugo Volli, Giovanbattista Zorzoli. Collaboratori: Città Futura, Collettivo Antimperialista, Collettivo Femminista Comunista, Collettivo Immagine e Controinformazione, Collettivo Scienza per il Vietnam, Comitato Chile Hasta la Victoria, Comitato italiano per il Tribunale Russel, Comitato di sostegno per i rifugiati politici in Italia, Coordinamento romano per i comitati di quartiere, Libreria L'Uscita, Magistratura Democratica, Movimento Liberazione e Sviluppo, Psichiatria Democratica, Comitato di quartiere Magliana,
Studenti dei licei romani Tasso e Castelnuovo , Up Against the Law, Videogramma, Video Out. Catalogo con introduzione di Graziella Lonardi Buontempo; testi: coordinamento dell'immagine: Piero Sartogo;
sezione arte: Achille Bonito Oliva;
sezione cinema: Paolo Bertetto;
sezione teatro: Giuseppe Bartolucci;
sezione architettura: Alessandro Mendini, Gruppo Strum (Giorgio Ceretti, Pietro Derossi, Carlo Giammarco), Ugo La Pietra, Lapo Binazzi (UFO), Anonima Design (Jaretti, Luzi, Prandi, Riceato, Virano), Carlo Guenzi, Enrico D. Bona, Alberto Ferrari, Peter D. Eisenman, Piero Sartogo, Franco Raggi, Riccardo Dalisi con la partecipazione di Filippo Alison e Dino Rossi, Ettore Sottsass jr., Andrea Branzi (Archizoom Associati);
sezione fotografia: Daniela Palazzoli;
sezione musica: John Rockwell;
sezione danza: Marcia B. Siegel;
sezione libri e dischi d'artista: Michel Claura;
sezione poesia visiva e concreta: Mario Diacono;
sezione informazione alternativa: Bruno Corà, Leietta Gervasio, Paolo Medori, Pio Baldelli, Franco Basaglia, Bollettino di Controinformazione Democratica, Giovanni Bechelloni, Adele Cambria, Umberto Eco, William Haywood, Mario Maffi, Movimento Studentesco, Release, Rote Hilfe, Soccorso Rosso, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Stampa Alternativa, Gabriele Usberti; Videobase (Anna Lajolo, Alfredo Leonardi, Guido Lombardi), Ugo Volli, Giovanbattista Zorzoli


ON N'A PAS EU D'ETE. TILLMAN Pierre. 1978.
"Livre d'image",
143p., ill. Texts in French by P. Tillman. Softcover. 26x19 cm. P, Ass. Limage, c. 1978. Boltanski C., Doury P., Klasen P., Lüthi U., Messager A., Monory J., Rainer A., Richard B.


On ne Regarde pas la Lune, mais le Doigt qui Montre la Lune by W. de la Vaissière. 1974.
(20)p./pl. Softcover. 21x29.7 cm. W. de la Vaissière, Paris, 1974. (There also is a Deluxe edition of 80 copies). Remarkable editing work by W. de la Vaissière, after an interrogation on the nature of the art book, presenting a wide panorama of contemporary art: Journiac, Boltanski, Bertholin, Tomek, Sarkis, Kawara, Raynaud, Huebler, Tinguely, César, Spoerri, Vélikovic, Aeppli, Gerz, Le Gac, Devade, Cane, Forest, Space-Media, de Saint-Phalle, Sanejouand, Holt, Kowalski, Cadere, Weiner, Mattiacci, Pane, Ben, Arman, Fabro, Arakawa, Noblet, Hutchinson, Moucha, Christo, Oppenheim, Fox, Smerk, Venet, Touzenis, Downsbrough, Titus-Carmel, Viallat, Tuttle.


Palais des Beaux-Arts / Bruxelles. Paleis voor Schone Kunsten / Brussel, 9-1-1974 - 3-2-1974. Carl Andre / Marcel Broodthaers / Daniel Buren / Victor Burgin
Gilbert & George / On Kawara / Richard Long / Gerhard Richter.

Exhibition catalogue/Artist publication.
100 unpaginated pages/plates. Text in French-Dutch. Wrappers. 20x20 cm. Published on the occasion of the exhibition organized by Yves Gevaert at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.

Orignal contributions by C. Andre, M. Broodthaers, D. Buren, V. Burgin, Gilbert and George, O. Kawara, R. Long and G. Richter.
Each contribution is an original work specially created for this publication by the artists, in relation -or not- to the work exhibited in the show:
Carl ANDRE : 6 drawings;
Marcel BROODTHAERS: 10 typographical combinations (Jardin d'Hiver + Fount Shemes + The Art of Fine Printing is tho Arrange Type so as to produce a Graceful and Orderly Page that puts no Strain on the Eye + Invitation pour Un Jardin d' Hiver (Palais des Beaux-Arts Bruxelles 1974);
Daniel BUREN: 15 plates silkscreened with stripes in various colors;
Victor BURGIN: a Textpiece;
GILBERT & GEORGE: Art for All: 7 b/w offset photos;
On KAWARA: Telegram;
Richard LONG: 3 black and white photos;
Gerhard RICHTER: 1024 colors in 4 permutations (4 plates).
Palais des Beaux-Arts/Paleis voor Schone Kunsten, Brussels, 1974.


Poster. Catalogue. Announcement. Manifesto.
A sheet of white paper, printed offset. Text in French. 55.8x39.7 cm. Unfolded. Participating artists: C. Boltanski, C. Burden, J.-C. Carrère, A. Delay, I. Dibbets, B. Gysin, R. Hamilton, M. Journiac, J. Le Gac, B. & M. Leisgen, I. Luscher, U. Lüthi, R. Mahdavi, G. Pane, A. Rainer, L. Samaras, A. Saura. For the show at Galerie Stadler, Paris, May, 18 - June 17, 1978. Fine. 1st show in France to present and to assert the new relationship betwen photo and art.







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