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Lucio Del PEZZO - Ed SANGUINETI: Nelle Cose Stesse.
Artist book.
1(title-colophon)+1(text by Ed. Sanguineti) sheets + 5 sheets, colored silkscreeen prints. Loose, under a cloth portfolio.
40 x 40 cm.
Ed. del Deposito, Genova-Boccadasse, 1967.
Edition of 107 numbered copies (of which 5 for the artist + 2 for the printer. 1 of the 5 A.P., numbered and signed.
Each plate is also numbered and signed by Del Pezzo.



Lucio DEL PEZZO: Untitled. (1968).
Artist postcards.
19 postcards, generally reproductions of Del Pezzo works. In a card slipcase. 11.2 x 15.5 cm.
Galerie Blumenthal-Mommaton, Paris, (1968).



Lucio DEL PEZZO: Jeu. 1971.

Lucio DEL PEZZO: Jeu (Game). 1971

Aluminium, silkscreen, wood, painting. Brushed aluminium board, on which are mounted three different volumes: an aluminium triangle with a silkscreened aluminium circle across it, a two-silkscreened aluminium plates volume, and a wooden ball painted in red.
60 x 42 x 18.5 cm.
Edition Germain, Paris, 1971, of 100 copies, dated, numbered and signed by del Pezzo on a paper label on the back side.





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