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e.a.t. experiments in art and technology

Experiments in Art and Technology E.A.T.
The first organization dedicated to uniting artists eager to use technology with engineers equipped to provide it".



9 Evenings: Theater and Engeneering.
(12) pages + 1 loose addenda sheet, illustrations. Paper covers. 42.4x27.8 cm. Exhibition at the 69th Regiment Armory, New York, October 13 -23, (1966). B. Klüver, J. Cage, L. Childs, O. Fahlström, L. Levine, A. Hay, D. Hay, S. Paxton, Y. Rainer, R. Rauschenberg, D. Tudor, R. Whitman. Photos by P. Moore. Edited by H. Schneider and P. Hulten. E.A.T., New York, NY, n.d. (1966).
"9 Evenings" resulted from a collaboration between 10 artists and more than 30 engineers and scientists who integrated fascinating new technologies into works of art. The performances drew an audience of over 10 000.



E.A.T. News. Volume 1, Number 3. November 1, 1967.
(12) pages, including covers. Texts in English, b./w. reproductions. Wrappers. 28.1x21.9 cm. Edited by Julie Martin. E.A.T., New York, NY, 1967.



E.A.T. News. Volume 1, Number 2. November 6, 1970.
(12) pages, including covers. Texts in English, b./w. reproductions. Wrappers. 28.1x21.9 cm. Publisher: Billy Kluver. Edited by Ritty Burchfield, Elizabeth Joyce and Julie Martin. Layout by Tom Gormley. E.A.T., New York, NY, 1970. Issue entirely devoted to the Pavilion for the Japan World Exhibition in Osaka, 1970.



Billy KLÜVER: Some More Beginnings. An exhibition of submitted works involving technical materials and processes organized by staff and members of Experiments in Art and Technology, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1968.
120 p. Illustrated wrappers, 41.7x 27 cm. Issued in conjunction with a 28 November 1968 - 5 January 1969 Brooklyn Museum exhibition. Introductory text by Billy Klüver, 2 indexes (typological, artists). 339 illustrations with brief biographic captions. Cover by Manfred Schroeder. Design by Billy Klüver, Julie Martin, and Robert Rauchenberg. E.A.T., (New York, NY), 1968.



(Billy KLÜVER): Description of the Pepsi-Cola Pavilion for the Japan World Exhibition 1970 Osaka. 1969.
(16) pages, text in English and reproductions + 1 loose sheet with text in English. Wrappers. 14x10.2 cm. E.A.T., New York, NY, 1969.



TECHNE. A Projects and Process Paper. Volume 1, Number 1, and Volume 1, Number 2. April 14, 1969 and November 6, 1970. (All published).
2 issues: 12 pp. each. Each: 40.3x27.8 cm. Published by Billy Klüver. Contributions include: an interview with M. Neuhaus and T. Wolff by S. Whitman, projects by C. Andre, R. Morris, and R. Rauschenberg, an interview with C. Oldenburg, "The Pavillion" by Billy Klüver, (on the Expo '70 Osaka's Pepsi Pavilion), Fujiko Nakaya, Interview with Claes Oldenburg, 7 pages on E.A.T's work. E.A.T., New York, NY, 1969-70. Layout by Tom Gormley. Mint. All published.



346 pages. Profusely illustrated. Wrappers. 20.3x13.9 cm. Edited by B. Klüver, J. Martin, B. Rose. Important bibliography on E.A.T. Dutton & Co., Inc., New York, NY, 1972. 1st edition.
On the Pepsi-Cola Pavilion for the Japan World Exhibition 1970, Osaka.




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