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Robert Filliou, Addi Kopcke, Gustav Metzger, Robin Page, Benjamin Patterson, Daniel Spoerri, Per Olof Ultveldt, Ben Vaut(h)ier, Emmet Williams



Advertising flyer for the Festival of Misfits at Gallery One, London, Oct. 23 - Nov. London 23 October - 8 November, 1962.
Organized by Robert Filliou and Daniel Spoerri.
Offset lithograh in black on cream paper.
13.9 x 17.8 cm.
Originally folded in two, but kept flat since the beginning.
Performances such as:
“53 Kilo Poem” by R. Fillliou; “Paper Piece” and “The Triumph of Egg” by Benjamin Patterson; “So Yourself Chorale” by Daniel Spoerri; “Alphabet Symphony” by Emmett Williams, "Living Sculpture" by Ben Vautier, living and sleeping in the window of the gallery.
Artists nicknames:
Robert Filliou: ”One-eyed good-for nothing Huguenot”; Addi Kocpke, “German professional revolutionist”; Gustav Metzgler, “Escaped Jew”; Robin Page: “Yukon lumberjack”; Benjamin Patterson, “Captured alive Negro”, Daniel Spoerri: “Rumanian adventurer; Per Olof Ultveldt, “The red-faced strongman from Sweden”; Ban Vaut(h)ier: “God’s broker”, Emmett Williams, “The Pole with the elephant memory”. .
Fine, but the (wrong!) year “1963” is handwritten in blue ballpoint pen in the lower right corner. Gallery One was run by the poet and art dealer Victor Musgrave (1919-1984).

"Happening & Fluxus", Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, 1970.
A very early document.



AY-O: Finger Box. (1964).

AY-O: Finger Box

Multiple. Object.
Cubic card box covered with brown paper, text printed offset in black on each side. With a hole on one side, 9.2x8.2x8 cm. Edition of 50 copies, numbered and signed by the artist in black felt pen. First edition.
Silverman 11-16 ff; Codex, p. 156, 175.



AY-O: Finger Box. 1991 (1964).

Multiple. Object.
Cubic wooden box with a hole on one side, Inside the box, vraious material. Name of the artist, title and instructions for use engraved on the faces. 8x8x6,7 cm. NY, E. Harvey Gallery, 1991.Unspecified edtion (10-15 copies). Signed and dated in black ink on the bottom.
Available, as the 1st edition, in kits (valise or box) or by piece.



EKSTRA BLADET # 239. 1962.

Fluxus publication.
4 pages on newsprint. Collage of photos and news articles in Danish, German and English on the Copenhagen Fluxus Festival '63-'63. Folded in four. Unfolded: 28.7x20.9 cm.
Codex, p. 43. Silverman #543.



George BRECHT / Robert WATTS: E Newspapayer. Yam Festival Newspaper. 1962/63.

Fluxus publication.
A sheet of pink paper rolled, printed both sides, 73.7x15.3 cm with texts and illustrations. Edited and published by Brecht and Watts on the occasion of the Yam Festival Press, Metuchen, New Jersey, end of 1962, beginning of '63. Contains the text "Mirrors" by Kaprow, poems by Wakoski and Bloedow, adds for "An Anthology", for the Yamfest sign shop, Brecht' flags, etc. With a hole at the top for the distribution.



FLUXUS Newspaper N°9.

JOHN YOKO & FLUX all photographs copyright nineteen seVenty by peTer MooRE. Fluxus No. 8 (sic, misnumbered, in fact, N° 9), 1970

JOHN YOKO & FLUX all photographs copyright nineteen seVenty by peTer MooRE. Fluxus No. 8 (sic, misnumbered, in fact, N° 9), 1970.

Artist periodical.
A large white card sheet, printed on both sides, folded in 4. Contents consist only in photographs of John Lennon and Yoko Ono by Peter Moore.
55x43.5 cm.
Inserted, loose, a blue-green card sheet printed on both sides in black, identifying the contents.
15.3x15.2 cm.
Edited by R. Watts.
Published by Fluxus, NY, 1970.
Silverman 592; Fluxus Codex p. 99f. (illus.); Phillpot/Hendricks 44.



FLUXUS Newspaper. Nos 1 to 9. cc V TRE. c. 1974.

Artist periodical. All published.
Facsimile reprint of the 9 first issues of the famous Fluxus Newspaper, with different titles, in various formats: 1: cc V TRE; 2: cc V TRE; 3: cc Valise e TRanglE; 4: cc fiVe thRee; 5: Vacuum TRapEzoid; 6: Vaudeville TOURnamEnt; 7: 3 Newspaper eVenTs for the pRicE of $ 1; 8: Vaseline sTREet; 9: (misnumbered 8) JOHN YOKO & FLUX all photographs copyright nineteen seVenty by PeTer MooRE. Originally published from January 1964 to 1970, reprinted in facsimile circa 1974 (therefore, without the two last issues, nos 10 & 11, first published later, in 1976 and 1979). In the publisher's original white card stock folder. 30x44.5x2.5 cm. Milano, Flash Art &King Kong, c. 1974. All published.



FLUXUS ANTHOLOGY. 30th Anniversary, 1962-1992. Vol. 1.
A collection of music & sound events edited by Jan van Toorn.
Deluxe edition.

Audio cassettes. An hexagonal black wooden box, 37.5x44.4x6 cm, containing: 8 audio cassettes: G. Maciunas+H. Cristiansen/Al Hansen/ R. Filliou+M. Knizak/ P. Sharits+L. MIller+M. Alocco+Albrecht D./ T. Kosugi+J. Jones/"Shorter Pieces"/ W. Vostell, "Le Cri"/ Bob Lens; a book, 208p.+ill., cloth bound, 30.5x21.5 cm, presentation of the artists, biography, bibliography, discography: M. Alocco, E. Andersen, G. Chiari, H. Christiansen, Albrecht D., J. Dupuy, R. Filliou, K. Friedman, Al Hansen, D. Higgins, Ray Johnson, J. Jones, M. Knizak, A. Knowles, T. Kosugi, Bob Lens, G. Maciunas, R. Maxfield, G. Metzger, L. Miller, C. Schneemann, M. Shiomi, P. Sharits, Ben Vautier, W. Vostell, R. Watts, E. Willimas, and, at the end, an important discography: "Flux Recordings"; 8 numbered leaflets, event-scores (and one colored photo of the W. Vostell's Fluxus concert, 10/31/90) by E. Andersen (signed), P. Sharits, D. Higgins, H. Christiansen, R. Filliou, K. Friedman, W. Vostell, J. Jones (colored photo). Sound Events by M. Alocco, E. Andersen (signed), G. Chiari, H. Christiansen (signed), Albrecht D., J. Dupuy, R. Filliou, K. Friedman (signed), A. Hansen, D. Higgins (signed), R. Johnson, J. Jones, M. Knizak, A. Knowles, T. Kosugi, B. Lens, G. Maciunas, R. Maxfield, G. Metzger, L. Miller, M. Shiomi, C. Shneemann, P. Sharits, W. Vostell, R. Watts. Total edition: 100+60 A.P.+ 38 deluxe. This copy is one of the 38 copies of the deluxe edition, coming in this special hexagonal black wooden box. As described upper, all leaflets are numbered, some are signed (by the still alive artists). The book is numbered inside the front cover and also numbered and signed by the artists: H. Christiansen, M. Knizak, W. Vostell, Al Hansen, M. Alocco, Albrecht D., A. Knowles, C. Schneemann, J. Dupuy, Ben Vautier, K. Friedman, D. Higgins, M. Shiomi, E. Williams, Bob Lens. Slowscan, 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland, 1993. First edition. Fine.



FLUXUS/Eléments d'Information. 1974.

Exhibition catalogue.
10+42+2 p. Text in French typed and mimeographed. Documentation on Fluxus photos, programs, posters, announcements, pamphlets, tracts, flyers, published on the occasion of the show at the ARC2, MAM Ville de Paris, of the Ben, Maciunas, Sohm and Vostell collections. Plastic binding. 29.7x21 cm. ARC2, MAMVP, Paris, (1974). VG.



Review Preview Pew. (Fluxroll) 1963.

Review Preview Pew Fluxroll 1963

Roll of 3 paper sheets mounted together, printed offset black on both sides. List and photos of Fluxus actions, by: E. Andersen, R. Filliou, D. Higgins, T. Ichiyanagi, A. Knowles, T. Kosugi, A. Kopcke, J. MacLow, G. Maciunas, J. Mekas, N. June Paik, B. Pattrerson, T. Schmit, H. Sohei, D. Spoerri, R. Watts, E. Williams. Definition of the word "Flux", lists of members; list of the Fluxus publications, 1963-1965: Yearboxes, special editions, scores. 160x10 cm. Fluxus, 1963. Fine.
"Fluxus Preview Review, a preview of the "Review" (Anthology) Fluxus, served as a kind of first Fluxus newspaper and propagands vehicle. It contains a definition of the word Fluxus, a list of the Editorial committee, advertisements for Fluxus yearboxes and Fluxus products, scores by a number of Fluxus artists and photographs of performances. G. Maciunas, who edited and designed the work, took his format from the November 1961 publication "Kalender Rolle", edited by Ebeling and Dietrich in Wuppertal, Germany". Fluxus Codex, p. 102, 103. And: H. Ruhé: Fluxus, the most radical and experimental art movement of the sixties, 1979: 3. Mac.



Fluxshoe. Fluxshoe ADD END A 72-73. Catalogue and "Supplement". 1972. 1973.

Exhibition catalogue.
2 vol.: 1) Fluxshoe: 144p./pl. Softcover. 29.5x20.8 cm. Exhibition conceived by K. Friedman, M. Weaver, coordinated by D. Mayor. All the Fluxus artists. 2) Fluxshoe ADD END A 72-73, supposed "supplement" to the catalogue: 34 documents at different formats , in an envelope 23.5x35.7 cm. Beau Geste Press, Cullompton, Devon, 1972, 1973.



George MACIUNAS: FluxShop & Mail Order Warehouse. 1962.

MACIUNAS George Fluxshop 1962

Artist potscard.
14.8x10.5 cm. Black offset on both sides. After ccV TREE. Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1962. After a Maciunas' design.



George MACIUNAS: Perpetual Fluxus Festival. 1964.

Maciunas Permetual Fluxus Festival

Artist poster.
A sheet of heavy brown paper printed offset on one side, in black. Thiscopy has been folded and mailed at the time: poststamp and address on the back. Unfolded: 43.9x41 cm. Designed by George Maciunas. 1964.



George MACIUNAS: U.S.A. surpasses all the genocides records. 1966.

MACIUNAS George USA Surpasses all the genocides records 1966

Two-color offset on white paper. American flag with stars replaced by white skull-and-crossbones figures on dark blue and red stripes replaced by sentences by G. Maciunas printed red on white. 54.4x88 cm. (Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Hovokodden, 1966).
Fluxus Codex: p. 390-391/ "Fluxers" (exhibition catalogue, Museion, Museum für Moderne kunst, Bolzen, c. 1993), p. 10 and 143.



George MACIUNAS: Face Anatomy Mask. c. 1973.

An ancient etching of a face anatomy plate printed offset, both sides, in black on a white paper sheet. 2 holes for the eyes. 24.9x21.7 cm. c.1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 338-339. Silverman n° 265.



George MACIUNAS: Flux stationery: Hand in Glove. c. 1973.

Envelope with glove imprint on the front side, letter paper with open hand imprint on the front side. Envelope: 11.4x30.5. Letter paper: 24.2x21 cm. With: FOOT IN SHOE: Envelope with shoe imprint on the front side. 11.4x30.5. c. 1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 348-349. Silverman, n° 283, ff.



George MACIUNAS: Grotesque Face Mask. c. 1973.

Offset photo "from a book on dentistery of nutritional deformities and physical degeneration", printed in black on one side, on white card. 2 holes for the eyes. 20.4x16.4 cm. c. 1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 355-356. Silverman, n° 264.



George MACIUNAS: Flux stationery: Envelope.

White paper envelope with giant stamp imprint: "US Postage, NY May 12'67". Printed on the back side in black. 10.6x24.1 cm. For the FluxPack 3, Flash Art.
Fluxus Codex, p. 125-127.



George MACIUNAS: Games and Puzzles by George Brecht. 1976.

MACIUNAS George Games and Puzzles by George BRECHT

Artist postcard/Announcement.
10.5x15 cm. Black offset on both sides. Announcement for the show "Fluxus around Fluxus for Art's Birthday", at Zona Art Space, Firenze, January 17, 1976. After a Maciunas' design.



Robert WATTS: Events. 1964.

Robert WATTS: Events. 1964

Clear plastic box with black offset typo-pictorial label (by Maciunas). Contents: 71 cards: 65 cards, various sizes, with text and pictures, and 6 play cards (2 kings, 2 queens, 2 jacks). 13.5x18x3 cm. Edited by G. Maciunas. (Fluxus Editions, NYC, 1964).
Small white paper label pasted inside the lid with text printed black: "Copyright 1964 by Fluxus".
There are numerous variations of this multiple.
Reference: Fluxus Codex p. 538, Silvermann Coll. 489, ff.; FLUXUS ETC.", p. 213, Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, 1981.



Robert WATTS: Yam Flug/5 Post 5. 1963.

Robert WATTS: Yam Flug/5 Post 5. 1963

Artist stamps.
Perforated sheet of 100 postage stamps. Red offset lithograph on gummed paper. 28x21.5 cm.
Reference: Fluxus Codex p. 578, Silvermann Coll. 479, ff.



Robert WATTS: Fluxpost 17-17. 1965.

Robert WATTS: Fluxpost 17-17. 1965

Artist stamps.
Perforated sheet of 100 postage stamps. Black offset lithograph on gummed paper. 28x21.5 cm.
Reference: Fluxus Codex p. 544, Silvermann Coll. 487, ff.






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