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Jim BURNS: Arthopods.
Architecture monograph.176p./pl. Softcover. 30x21 cm. Praeger, NYC, 1971. The "Arthropods", C. Price, Haus-Rucker-Co, God and C°, Missing Link Production, 9999 Group, Superstudio, Coop. Himmelblau, Hardy, Holzman & Pfeiffer, Eventsructures Research Group, A. Carlini, Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT), Ant Fram, PULSA, Archizoom, Experiments in Environment, J.M. Johansen, ONYX.



Italy: A new domestic landscape. Achievements and problems of Italian design. 1972.
430p./pl., some colored. Hardcover, including mobile parts between the front cover and the transparent dust jacket. 25x20 cm. Centro Di, Florence, 1972. Published on the occasion of the show at the M.o.M.A., NYC, under the direction of Emilio AMBASZ. The new Italian Design: G. Aulenti, E. Sottsass, J. Colombo, A. Rosselli, M. Zanuso & R. Saper, M. Bellini, G. Pesce, U. La Pietra, Archizoom, Superstudio, Gruppo Sturm, E. Mari, G. Mari, 9999 Group.



9999 Group: Ricordi di Architettura. 1972.
Artist book.
272 + 1 p./pl. Bilingual English-Italian text, photos, drawings. "Los Angeles Megastruttura; Ipotesi di Spazio; Concorso Chiesa a Catolica Italia; Arredo Urbano Ponte Vecchio Firenze; Concorso Padiglione Italiano Osaka; Space Electronic; Teatro in Relazione con le Atre Figurative; Progetto "Appollo"; Concorso Aeroporto di Genova; S-Space Controllo Albrei Sonorizzati; S-Sapce Interno Jam Scession N.1; Concorso Salvataggio di Venezia; Concorso Graz Urban Intermedia; Concorso Nuova Universita a Firenze; Concorso "Italy, a new domestic landscape" (winning project, together with G. Mari); S-Space Mondial Festival N. 1". Bound in an original handmade copper cover with embossed title and author' names on the front cover. 36.6x24.7 cm. Capponi, Firenze, Italy, 1972.
"Five years of experimental research are brought together in a single edition as witness of continuous and careful comment on cultural happenings in the attempt to make our contribution to the very formation of the Society".





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