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independent group



Independent Group

This Is Tomorrow

Theo Crosby, Teyner Banham, Lawrence Alloway, John McHale, Alison and Peter Smithson, Richard Hamilton, William Turnbull, John McHale, Eduardo Paolozzi, Reyner Banham, Frank Cordell, Toni del Renzio and others.


    The famous first Richard Hamilton pop art collage: "Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?" participating in the show.

Exhibition catalogue.
Unpaginated (126p.). Texts in English, b/w illustrations.
Spiral binding.
16,6 x 17,3 cm.
Introduction by Lawrence Alloway. Contributions by Reyner Banham, David Lewis, Theo Crosby, William Turnbull, Edward Wright, Germano Facetti, Richard Hamilton, John McHale, Eduardo Paolozzi, John Voelcker and others.
Edited by Theo Crosby.
talogue designed by Edward Wright. 1st edition of 1300 copies.
Condition: This catalogue comes almost never in fine condition. This copy has a diagonal crease to the bottom corner of the front cover. The top and bottom of the covers where they meet the spiral binding have small pieces missing. Very good+.
The Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, August 9-September 9, 1956.
The historical show This is Tomorrow inaugurates the Pop Art movement, even if it had not been named so yet, and was a multi-disciplinary
show merging the discipline of art and architecture.
The exhibition was organized by Theo CROSBY, Reyner BANHAM, Lawrence ALLOWAY and other members from the Independent Group.

Participating groups:

1: Theo Crosby, William Turnbull, Germano Facetti, Edward Wright
2: Richard Hamilton, John McHale, John Voelcker
3: J.D.H. Catleugh, James Hull, Leslie Thornton
4: Anthony Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Emilio Scanavino
5: John Ernest, Anthony Hill, Denis Williams
6: Eduardo Paolozzi, Alison and Peter Smithson, Nigel Henderson
7: Victor Pasmore, Erno Goldfinger, Helen Phillips
8 : James Stirling, Michael Pine, Richard Matthews
9: Mary Martin, John Weeks, Kenneth Martin
10: Robert Adams, Frank Newby, Peter Carter, Colin St.John Wilson
11: Adrian Heath, John Weeks
12: Lawrence Alloway, Geoffery Holroyd, Tony del Renzio





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