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véronique joumard



Véronique JOUMARD





Véronique JOUMARD Tokushima 2010





42 x 29.7 cm


Light incarnate and incarnated is a common motif in Véronique's work. This picture of a Japanese lamp, whose shape is as much organic as it is inorganic, is like a font of domesticated energy, domesticated and made elegant, but not entirely mastered.

Edition of 50, dated 2010, numbered and signed on the reverse


This photograph is part of Baltz's series Prototype Works, which captured the stark, geometric forms found in the industrial landscape of postwar cities, alluding simultaneously to the language of modernist abstraction and the everyday reality of the built environment.
2 booklets: (54)p., text and offset photos; (16)p., text. 15x21.8 cm and 14.8x21 cm. Each: softcover. Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam, 1978-1979.


From the Rowboat Box:


Project by Jeff Rian
Gray cloth-covered carboard shell box, contening:
- A vinyl LP and a CD, inserted inside the lid. Music by: Jeff Rian, Marty Vickers, Stephen Harrison, Marten Ingle, Yvan Duhamel, Alexandra Roos, Bob Coke
- A full-size booklet, 12 pages, loose: lyrics and b/w offset photographs and drawings.
- 10 original artworks by:
Vito Acconci, Lewis Baltz, Dike Blair, Stéphane Dafflon, Marcelline Delbecq, Anders Edström, Véronique Joumard, Richard Prince, Alain Séchas, Jean-Luc Vilmouth
Box size : 32 x 44.5 x 3.5 cm
Edition GDMultiples, Paris, France, 2010.
Edition of 50
Each box is numbered and each artwork is signed and numbered on 50

See all information on the Rowboat Box






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