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George MACIUNAS: FluxShop & Mail Order Warehouse.

MACIUNAS George Fluxshop

Artist potscard.
14.8x10.5 cm. Black offset on both sides. After ccV TREE. Harlekin Art, Wiesbaden, Germany, 1962. After a Maciunas' design.



George MACIUNAS: Perpetual Fluxus Festival. 1964.

MACIUNAS George Perpetual Fluxus Festival

Artist poster.
A sheet of heavy brown paper printed offset on one side, in black. Thiscopy has been folded and mailed at the time: poststamp and address on the back. Unfolded: 43.9x41 cm. Designed by George Maciunas. 1964.



George MACIUNAS: U.S.A. surpasses all the genocides records. 1966.

MACIUNAS George USA surpasses all the genocides records

Two-color offset on white paper. American flag with stars replaced by white skull-and-crossbones figures on dark blue and red stripes replaced by sentences by G. Maciunas printed red on white. 54.4x88 cm. (Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Hovokodden, 1966).
Fluxus Codex: p. 390-391/ "Fluxers" (exhibition catalogue, Museion, Museum für Moderne kunst, Bozen, c. 1993), p. 10 and 143.



George MACIUNAS: Face Anatomy Mask. c. 1973.
An ancient etching of a face anatomy plate printed offset, both sides, in black on a white paper sheet. 2 holes for the eyes. 24.9x21.7 cm. c.1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 338-339. Silverman n° 265.



George MACIUNAS: Flux stationery: Hand in Glove. c. 1973.
Envelope with glove imprint on the front side, letter paper with open hand imprint on the front side. Envelope: 11.4x30.5. Letter paper: 24.2x21 cm. With: FOOT IN SHOE: Envelope with shoe imprint on the front side. 11.4x30.5. c. 1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 348-349. Silverman, n° 283, ff.



George MACIUNAS: Grotesque Face Mask. c. 1973.
Offset photo "from a book on dentistery of nutritional deformities and physical degeneration", printed in black on one side, on white card. 2 holes for the eyes. 20.4x16.4 cm. c. 1973.
Fluxus Codex, p. 355-356. Silverman, n° 264.



George MACIUNAS: Flux stationery: Envelope. c. 1973.
White paper envelope with giant stamp imprint: "US Postage, NY May 12'67". Printed on the back side in black. 10.6x24.1 cm. For the FluxPack 3, Flash Art.
Fluxus Codex, p. 125-127.



George MACIUNAS: Games and Puzzles by George Brecht. 1976.

MACIUNAS George Games and Puzzles by George BRECHT

Artist postcard/Announcement.
10.5x15 cm. Black offset on both sides. Announcement for the show "Fluxus around Fluxus for Art's Birthday", at Zona Art Space, Firenze, January 17, 1976. After a Maciunas' design.






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