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Jean-Claude MOINEAU

NE COUPEZ PAS N° 3 , Apériodique)

Moineau-Ne-Coupez-Couv   Moineau-Revue      

Artist's periodical/ Aassemblage.
Issue N°3 (of 6) of NE COUPEZ PAS. Apériodique.
Director of the publication: Jean-Claude Moineau.
Complete in 58 full-plate of mimeographed reproductions of original works on 29 double-sided sheets.
21 x 27 cm.
Participations of:
Jean-Claude Moineau, 6 stapled pp.: "REVUE COUVERTURE", "Ne Coupez pas N°3", "À Mots Couverts "; Henri Chopin; Bernard Aubertin; Lygia Clark (recto-verso); Dick Higgins; Tom Phillips; Claude Landrà; Sarenco; John J. Sharkey; Gérald Rocher; Testo TOOL; Constantin Xénakis (recto-verso); Brian Lane; Jiri Valoch; J.-F. Bory; Summerhill; Una Architettura Diversa (on white card); Alain Arias-Misson; Henri Chopin; Tom Phillips; P.A. Gette (2 stapled double-sided ff.); Bernard Heidsieck; Jochen Gerz and others. One sheet of pink paper printed in black (Testo TOOL), at a smaller format. Wrapped in the publisher's original blank sheet of heavy brown kraft paper, sealed by a small withe paper label with title "Ne Coupez Pas" handwriten in red ink.
Self-published, (Orléans), (May 1969).
Unspecified edtion size.
The small closing label was half peeled off for the opening of the issue , a slight tear at each of the two corners of the "front cover".
Excellent condition overall.



Jean-Claude MOINEAU: Ecrivez (ce que vous avez) à dire


Jean-Claude MOINEAU: Ecrivez (ce que vous avez) à dire

Artist poster, Méta-Art manifesto.
Orange letterpress on white paper.
47.3 x 64.7 cm.
Folded four times for mailing purpose.
Printed by Imprimerie Priesler, Paris.
(Late '60ies).



Jean-Claude MOINEAU: Meta-Art

Jean-Claude MOINEAU: Meta-Art

Artist poster, Méta-Art manifesto.
Green letterpress on light white paper.
50 x 65.3 cm.
Foldled four times for mailing purpose.
(Late '60ies).



Jean-Claude MOINEAU: Roman

ean-Claude MOINEAU: Roman

Visual game.
52 cards, each 12x5.8 cm, visual poems printed red or black offset. In a card slipcase.
12.4 x 6.3 x 3.2 cm.
Unspecified and unnumbered edition (400 copies).
Meta-Art and Agentzia, Paris, France, c.1972.








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