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neon de suro




(Tomeu Cabot, Sara Gilbert, Andreu Terrades, Steva Terrades). 1975-1980 (82).


Artist periodical. Mail art.
Founded by the Taller Lunatic avantgarde group from Mallorca, Baleares, Spain. 21 issues were published, from 1975 through 1982. Printed black offset. Each: 42.4x31 cm, 2 sheets folded in two: 8 pages. Folded in four. This periodical was mailed for free ("gratuity is agression") to the addressees.
Each publication is a special issue, generally edited by one artist.
We offer the 18 first ones, by:
Sara Gibert, 1975
Steva Terrades, 1975
Damià Ferrà-Ponc, Andreu Terrades, 1976
Andreu Terrades, 1976
Bartomeu Cabot, 1976
Coll. Lectiu Paris. Neon, April 1976
Miquel Barceló i Artigues, 1976 (One of the first -if not the first- publication by Miquel Barcelo)
Joan Palou, 1976
Josep Alberti, March 1977
Neon de Suro a la Galeria MEC MEC del Borri de Ribera, collective, 1977
Mariscal, December 1977
Steva und Andreu Terrades, Joan Palou, Feb. 1978
Collective, April 1978
Toni Catany, Sept. 1978
Muntadas, 11. Sept. 1978
Sara Gibert, March 1979
Bruno, February 1980
Julien Blaine, May 1980






We are interested in purchasing this periodical and artist books, multiples, prints and unique works of art by the participating artists.
Please contact us.

Nous sommes intéressés par l'achat de ce périodique et par celui de livres d'artiste, estampes, multiples et oeuvres uniques des artistes y ayant participé.
Merci de nous contacter.






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