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SaltoArte Pour Écrire la Liberté




Edition POUR écrire la Liberté, Brussels, Belgium, 1975.
Boxed set of objects by 31 artists.
In a vernished red card clamshell box: 37 x 30 x 7.8 cm.
Deluxe copy of 'Salto Arte' which includes signed multiples by a variety of artists and the original printed subscription form for the publication signed by Panamarenko and Beuys.

When left-wing publisher and editor of POUR journal Jean-Claude Garot entered into a financial crisis, Belgian collector and diamond merchant Isi Fiszman offered to create an artistic event to support his publications. Fiszman enlisted the help of his friend Harald Szeemann, whose participation was crucial as it lent international exposure to the event, which was inaugurated on May 23, 1975 at The Museum of Ixelles. A boxed set of editions and multiples was produced and sold as a result of the 'Salto Arte' happening, with all proceeds going to the financing of POUR magazine. The boxed set was published in an edition of 1000, with this one of 100 deluxe copies with the individual pieces signed and/or numbered by each artist.


ANATOL - Untitled (Die Handpüppe) - colour photolithograph, folded (286 x 390 mm). Signed and numbered in pen by Anatol.
Carl ANDRE - Material on Hubert Vilopox collected by Carl Andre - envelope containing seven offset lithographs (296 x 210 mm) - numbered from the edition of 100 on envelope.
Igninio BALDERI - Untitled - offset lithograph (290 x 357 mm) - signed and numbered in pencil by Balderi, lower right.
BEN - J'aime la liberté - colour photolithograph on newsprint (359 x 283 mm) - signed and numbered by Ben Vautier in black pen. The artist has also drawn a large black cross across the printed text with black gouache.
Joseph BEUYS - Une comparaison entre deux structures sociales - polyethylene bag, printed (410 x 293 mm) - signed and numbered in blue ballpoint pen by Beuys. The bag contains three sheets - i. Double sheet (355 x 277 mm), folded, printed in black on four sides with reproductions of photographs by Caroline Tisdall of the action Coyote. Signed in red pen by Beuys; ii. Single sheet, printed on one side with reproduction of photograph by Ute Klophaus of the action Iphigenie/Titus Andronicus. Signed in red by pen by Beuys; iii. Sheet of yellow paper, printed in black with impression of Stück 17. [Ref. Schellmann - Joseph Beuys, The Multiples, no. 149].
Christian BOLTANSKI - A Mourir de rire - single sheet, photolithograph (355 x 285 mm) - signed and numbered by Boltanski in pencil.
James Lee BYARS - Luck - gold pencil drawing on crumpled sheet of black tissue (520 x 520 mm) - with gold US quarter dollar coin - numbered in white pencil, lower right corner of sheet.
Jacques CHARLIER - Plein le cul de l'art en général - photolithograph, folded (355 x 560 mm). Signed and numbered in pencil by Charlier, lower right corner.
CHRISTO - Pour Journal, wrapped - an issue of POUR folded and wrapped in transparent polyethylene with cord, mounted on black card (280 x 340 mm) - numbered in pencil on black card. [Ref. Schellmann - Christo and Jeanne-Claude Prints and Objects. A Catalogue Raisonne, no. 90].
Johannes CLADDERS - The White Flag - large folded sheet of white cloth (unfolded 1194 x 815 mm), with ink-stamped title. Signed and numbered by Cladders.
Pierre DAQUIN - Untitled - photolithograph, folded (360 x 575 mm) - signed and numbered by Daquin in blue pen.
Hanne DARBOVEN - Texts by Charles Baudelaire - 72-page artist book (350 x 270 mm) - numbered in pencil on front cover (corresponding stamped numbering on colophon page of book).
Robert FILLIOU - Pour et contre Robert Filliou - 2-colour print on white card, folded into a triangle shape (270 x 210 x 120 mm). This copy signed and numbered by Filliou. [Ref. Robert Filliou, Editions et multiples, 2003, no. 59].
Hans HAACKE - Exxon - colour photolithograph (35.5 x 25 cm) - numbered from the edition of 100 on verso of sheet.
Pierre Alain HUBERT - Corde à dénouer le temps - single sheet photolithograph with collaged section of ἀrecracker string. Signed, numbered, and titled by Hubert in pen (28.6 x 35.7 cm).
Douglas HUEBLER - Untitled (Tug of War Painting) - single sheet, colour photolithograph (35.8 x 27.8 cm). Numbered in pencil.
Jörg IMMENDORFF - Für wen ? - colour photolithograph (26.4 x 35.7 cm) - signed, numbered and dated in pencil by Immendorff.
Jacques LE GAC - My Creative Method - photolithograph (35.7 x 28.5 cm) - signed and numbered in pencil by Le Gac.
Sol LEWITT - Grids - 8-page artist book, stapled (25 x 25cm) - signed and numbered (from edition of 150) by LeWitt in blue pencil on rear cover. [Ref. Maffei & De Donno - Sol LeWitt Artist's Books, pp. 60-61].
Bernd LOHAUS - Untitled - collage on card - signed and numbered in pencil by Lohaus.
Konrad LUEG-FISCHER - Untitled - blue checquer pattern printed on cloth-backed vinyl sheet (35 x 27 cm) - signed and numbered by Lueg-Fischer in blue pen on verso of sheet.
Annette MESSAGER - Le barbu d'Annette Messager, la femme tatouée - single sheet photolithograph (35.5 x 28.5 cm) - signed and numbered in pencil by Messager.
J. NICOLA - Nous voulons respirer - poster printed in black on newsprint, folded into quarters (sheet 57 x 70 cm) - signed and numbered on recto in blue pen by Nicola.
Yoko ONO - Couple Event - offset lithograph on paper, folded (35.5 x 56 cm) - numbered in pencil from the edition of 100.
PANAMARENKO - the printed cardboard box housing the other multiples - the lid, designed by Panamarenko shows the artist in Chinese dress complete with the large beetle, as he presented himself at the SaltoArte happening on May 23, 1975. Signed and numbered by Panamarenko in black felt-tip pen on underside of box.
A.R. PENCK - Macht und Geist. analytische studie zu Kunst im politischen Kampf - 32-page offset-printed booklet, not stapled as issued. Signed and numbered by Penck in pen on back cover.
Jacques PINEAU - Untitled - folded single sheet, offset-printed (unfolded 36 x 57 cm). Signed and numbered in pencil by Pineau.
Sigmar POLKE - Messerwerfer (Knife Thrower) - 4-colour offset litho on art paper (26.6 x 25.8 cm). Signed in pen by Polke lower right corner, numbered in another hand. [Ref. Becker & Osten - Sigmar Polke. The Editioned Works 1963-2000 Catalogue Raisonné, no. 47].
Katharina SIEVERDING - Kaka Lemoine & Katharina Sieverding Show - colour photolithograph (35.2 x 28.8 cm) - signed and numbered in pen by Sieverding, lower right of sheet.
Klaus STAECK - Je / nous art aujourd'hui - colour photolithograph poster, folded (sheet 60.8 x 43.4 cm) - signed, numbered and dated in red pen by Staeck.
Paul VAN RAFELGHEM - Untitled - single sheet, photolithograph reproduction of a pencil drawing (35 x 28.5 cm).

Edition size: XXI + 100 (I to XXI considered as the "original edition", 1 to 100, being the Deluxe edition, signed and numbered), 900 copies of the normal edition. This copy is one of the 100, n° 66/100.

This box represents, symbolizes an important moment of the avant-garde art and the counter culture of the seventies, which involves and associates art, politics, solidarity, all this in a single goal: Freedom !





We Got the FUGS


We Got The Fuggs


Offset on glossy paper.
Black print on one side.
Framed under glass
Folded in two.
45.7 x 24 cm.
Framed: 52.7 x 31 cm.
Light creasing along the fold.
Very Good+.



Bauhaus-Druke Neue Europäische Graphik


Bauhaus-Druke Neue Europäische Graphik


Advertising brochure for the book “Bauhaus-Druke Neue Europäische Grafik”.
Unpaginated, (8) pages.
25.3 x 18.9 cm.
Published by Muller and Co, Verlag, Postdam, Germany, 1922.
Printed by R. Wagner Sohn Press, Weimar, Germany, 1922. First edition.
Oskar Schlemmer’s beautiful Bauhaus seal on the front cover. VG+/Fine.
Fleischmann: Bauhaus - Drucksachen - Typographie - Reklame, Oktagon Verlag, Cologne, Germany, 1995, p. 60.






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