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PANAMARENKO: Das Flugzeug. 1969.

PANAMARENKO Das Flugzeug 1969

Grey card box with lid, 21x17x2.2 cm, containing a long string rolled into the box, attached at one end inside the lid, at the other end, inside the box bottom. B/w offsetlitho photo on the top of the lid by M. Gilissen. Edited at 330 numbered copies on the occasion of the artist's show at the Monchengladbach Städtisches Museum, August 14 - September 14, 1969.




PANAMARENKO  A 37 90 89 Antwerpse Luchtschipbouw. Beeldohouwersstraat 46 Antwerpen   PANAMARENKO

A 37 90 89
Antwerpse Luchtschipbouw. Beeldohouwersstraat 46 Antwerpen


A sheet of glossy white paper printed black on one side.
30 x 22.4 cm.
Text in Dutch, French, German and English.
Dated and signed (printed): "De E.A. Ingenieur Panamarenko Multimiljonair Coordinator, 5 feb. 1970".
Folded in four.
A few creases and bumped upper left corner.
Rare ephemera.

Text, in English:
"There is a new lock on the door and on the telephone of A.
I am the new coordinator of A.
I want to take this opportunity in order to construct an airship in the big room of A. on my expenses.
The financial situation is healthy again".

Opened in May 1969, in Antwerp, A 379089 was an anti-museum and anti-gallery devoted to films and happenings. The idea of such an alternative space was launched by the Belgian film-maker Jef Cornelis at the house of the collector Hubert Peters, its name uses the letter A for alternative and 379089 because it was the Peters's phone number. Isy Frizsman, another important collector, would pay the rent, Kasper König would coordinate projects with Cornelis, and artists like Broodthaers, Panamarenko, Carl Andre, La Monte Young and Jörg Immendorf would contibute. Panamrenko, after some problems in the association and a disagreement betweeen him and K. Koenig, took the direction and, as reads the text, closed the the A 37 90 89 where he installed his airship, the Aeromodeller.




Exhibition catalogue.
Unpaginated. Texts in French by S. Pagé, J.C. Ammann and Panamarenko. Profusely illustrated. Soft cover. 27.5x20.5 cm. Fine. ARC 2, Mus. d'Art Mod. de la Ville de Paris, F., 1973.




PANAMARENKO: Der Mechanismus der Schwerkraft, geschlossene Systeme der Geschwindigkeitsveränderung... c. 1975.
Final original maquette of the book, made of cut off printed texts and illustrations, mounted on heavy paper. 69 sheets (141 pages, the last one being mounted inside the last cover, paging starting, after the title page, from n° 4): title/copyright+table of contents+67 sheets of text in German and illustrations. Exactly the same as the published book, which includes, in addition, 3 pages for the table of illustrations, at its end, p. 142-144. The front cover, in the maquette, is illustrated with a colored picture of the Panamarenko's piece: "Polistes", when the published book front cover has only the title and publisher's name, the dust jacket being illustrated by some Panamrenko's drawing, plus the full title, the artist and publisher' names. Maquette: 20.8x18 cm. (The book, that we add to the maquette, was published by Marzona, Bielefeld, 1975. 20.5x16.3 cm).
H. Theys: Panamarenko, Brussels, 1992, (english version of the book): p. 276, 278, 280, 281.




PANAMARENKO: Versneller ("Accelerator"). 1979.

PANAMARENKO Versneller, 1979

Multiple. Object.
Wood, copper, iron, magnete.
20 x 20 cm.
Edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.
Only 20 copies of the preconceived 50 copies have been realized.
Antwerp, ICC, (1979).
Gal. R. van de Velde, Antwerp, 1988: Panamarenko, Multiples 1966-88.
H. Theys: Panamarenko, Brussels, 1992: n° 25, p. 211.







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