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daniel pommereulle



Set of 25 documents on/by Daniel POMMEREULLE

- 10 Letters and Postcards addressed to Daniel Pommereulle:


1) Robert MALAVAL. On the back of an invitation card for the opening of the Pommereulle exhibition at the Jean Larcade gallery, March 18, 1976. 2) Alain J. (JOUFFROY). February 20, 1987; 3 & 4) François Di Dio: 2 handwritten in black ink cards on the Soleil Noir correspondence cards, one from November 27, 78 and A season greetings card for the year 1982. 5) Michelle? and RV (Hervé?); 6) Alain (Jouffroy) and? 1.VIII.77 from Japan; 7) Anonymous, September 8, 1977, postcard from Bora-Bora. 8 & 9) 2 handwritten letters by Alain Jouffroy, Paris, 22 X 1998 and Ste S., August 16, 2003, recto only. 10) 1 handwritten letter by Jean-Christophe Bailly, Béloruey, 23 VIII 98, recto.


- 5 Invitation Cards to D. Pommeurelle's shows:

Daniel POMMEREULLE Galerie Le Dessin

1) Pommereulle: "Passant Luisant" (Shining Passage), Christian Cheneau Gallery, April 18 to May 31, 1986; 2) Daniel Pommereulle: "La fatigue du Ciel' (The Fatigue of Heaven), Galerie Le Dessin, October 1 - November 7 (1981). Opening on Thursday October 1st; 3) Daniel Pommereulle: "Du Pire, Énerve" (At worst, annoying). Gallery of the Atelier Frank Bordas, Paris, from November 5 to December 5, 1992, opening on Thursday November 5; 4) Daniel Pommereulle "La Brûlure du Ciel", Editions Claude Givaudan, Geneva, from April 11 to May 13, 1978. Presentation of the book "Café Sanglant", Tuesday, April 11th; 5) Editions Claude Givaudan, Geneva, presentation of 1978 exhibitions on Thursday, December 15, 1977; February: Alain Jacquet; April: Daniel Pommeurelle; October: Piotr Kowalski; December: Erro. In progress: Naked and undressed, photographs; Alan Odle, drawings; Malas of San Blas Islands, fabrics; Romantic bindings, books.


- 6 Photographs:


2 photos of Daniel Pommeurelle with a child, in a living room; 1 photo, an unidentified woman in front of a work by D. Pommereulle; 3 photos, D. Pommereulle to the sea, Liouquet (La Ciotat, France), 1994 or 95.
17.7 x 9.5 x 0.3 cm
Perfect condition.


- 4 Original Sketches:


1 blue ballpoint pen on "Mild Seven Select" note pad, single-sided. 9 x 9 cm.
1 blue ballpoint pen on sheet of note "Mild Seven Select", single-sided. 9 x 9 cm.
1 red ink and black ink on block sheet note "Cacharel", recto and verso. 17 x 10 cm.
1 red ink on block note "Cacharel", recto and verso. 17 x 10 cm.

25 documents in total.

More pictures on request








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