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claude rutault



Claude RUTAULT - Alain CLEMENT: Bulletin. #1 to 3. October 1971; January 1972; September 1972. All ppublished.
Artist periodical/Artist book.
3 leaflets 27x21 cm and 27x20.7 cm. 6+16+44p. Illustrations.
Artist periodical, by Rutault and Clément (with an Antoniucci's contribution in #3): texts in French on art and politics: on the show at the MJC de Grenoble; on the exhibition in Montpellier in May 1970: "100 artistes dans la ville"; #3: "Peinture-Pratique-Théorie", theorical presentation, by Clément and Rutault, of his own work (of which, for CR, on "Le Monde" and "La Cause du Peuple", particularly interesting), letter to H. Szeemann and "Propostion faite aux états généraux des Arts Plastiques à Paris le 16 Mai 1972", together with Antoniucci. All published.


Claude RUTAULT: Tableau de l'exposition. 1973.
Unique work.
Realized for the collective show: "Tableau de l'exposition", organized by Galerie 6, Paris.
10 series of 10 works, presented by 10 artists: 1: Trbukjak, 2: Charlier, 3: Rutault, 4: Roquet, 5: De Boeck, 6: Yokoyama, 7: Sauerwein, 8: Clément, 9: Guinochet, 10: Cadere. March 15-April 20, 1973.
C. Rutault's work: composed of 10 original posters of the show at galerie 7 (number "7" is both part of the galerie's name and the numeration of the show: 6th show was organized by 'galerie 5', for instance). Each poster, printed offset black on white paper: 58x45 cm. Each with handwritten interventions of C. Rutault: he circled in red pencil, his name, his registration number in the show and the dates of his interventions.
A series of 10 inerventions, 10 dates: 10 differently modified copies of the same poster. 1 poster per intervention for a series of 10: 10 modified posters.
A very early Rutault's piece.
"Series of 10 posters of a show which was expliciting the mode of the presentation of an art work. Considering that every work would be seen through this poster, whose title was, moreover, "Tableau de l'exposition" (a show painting), Rutault restricted himself to presenting the poster at each date he was due to intervene, circling in red pencil his name and date". C.R.


Claude RUTAULT: Marelles 1971-1972. 1974.
Artist book.
(18)p. text, reproduction of the manuscript. Hardbound. 15x10.2 cm. Blank cover. Realized for the show at Galerie Bama, Paris, 1974.


Claude RUTAULT: Notes sur le non-peint. 1976.
Artist book.
(14)pages. Text in French. Plastic binding. 30x21.3 cm. Self-published, Paris, 1976.


Claude RUTAULT: Interchangeable généralisé. Définition/méthode n° 49. 1976.
Unique work.
A number of "x" canvases, selected among the canvases standart formats, distributed to a number of "x" persons, private or institutional. A canvas a person, each canvas being painted in the same color as the wall's one on which i is hanged.
Social functioning: the work is defined by a description common to the participators, of which the number can vary. None of the participators may purchase someone else's work. `
Created between 1973 and 1979, this "définition/méthode" was realized for the first time during the exhibition at the ARC, Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, March-April 1983.
This exhibition was presenting, thanks to G. Mollet-Viéville, the people having actualizated a "définition/méthode" on the occasion of this show.
The work itself, the "définition/méthode", is accompanied with a booklet containing the "regulation" comprising 8 articles and the owners list with their names, addresses and samples of the color of their own actualization. 20 pages, 29.7x21 cm, which give also the changing of addresses, the modifications of colors and/or formats, the re-sales to new owners giving their names, addresses, the chosen canvas format and color. + 5 letters, loose, from owners announcing to the others the new modifications. + 1 small poster, 41.8x29.6 cm, "Etat de la pièce n° 49 "Interchangeable Généralisé" on September 23, 1987, on the occasion of the show "Peintures de Claude Rutault", I.S.P., 11 rue Clavel.
Reference: C. Rutault: Définitions/Méthodes 1973-1979, p. 62.


Claude RUTAULT: Monochromes 3. 1982.
Artist book. Edition.
23 sheets, each with original paint by the artist on both sides: 46 pages, 46 original paintings, numbered, in order to follow "Définitions-Méthodes 1973-1979, Notes 1981-1987", from number 223 through number 268. Bound in a card folder slipped in a card slipcase. 25x34.5 cm.
Media, Neuchatel, Switzerland, 1982. Edition of 25 copies of which 5 Not for Sale (H.C.) copies. Certificate.


Claude RUTAULT: Correspondances-Korrespondenzen. 1982.
Artist book.
8 postcards that have to be sent to the artist to get back the 8 other cards which are the original work. In an envelope.15.5x11 cm. Mollet-Viéville/I.S.P., Paris, 1982.


Claude RUTAULT: Collections - Collectionneurs. 1986.
Exhibition catalogue.
32 p., text in French and b/w offset reproductions of works. 29.4x21 cm. Perfect binding. Exhibition organzied by Yves Aupetitallot, photos by Andre Morin and Cyrille Sabatier. Saint-Etienne, Maison de la Culture et de la Communiqation, 1986.


Claude RUTAULT: Titre: variable sur un plan. 1988.
Artist postcards.
4 colored postcards, loose, in a printed paper envelope. Several language text on one side of the envelope.
Ecole Régionale des Beaux Arts, Dunkerke, F., 1988. 1st edition.


Claude RUTAULT: 118 ter Monochromes 6, 1997-1998.
Artist book.
Album of 92 hand numbered pages (46 plates, 46 text pages). One text in French, handwritten and signed in black pencil by the artist on the first blank page. 46 original paintings (full pages monochrome paintings, except one, bichrome) on the right page (of which 2 "unpaints"= blank pages), location, name of the place, date, title, définition/méthode number and date, handwritten in black pencil by the artist, on the facing left one. Cloth bound and printed blue/white dust jacket (one of the original "Peinture-suicide" posters). 32x38.5 cm.
The colors used in this album are the ones he used to paint the canvases, in the different actualizations of his "définitions-méthodes" in institutional and private places. From 01.01. 1997 to october 31st, 1998. Classified in chronological order.
Edition of 11 copies, of which only 6 are for sale, the 5 others remaining the artist's properety. All realized, signed and numbered by the artist. Vaucresson (France), C. Rutault, 1998.
"This album documents the colours indifference in painting. They all have been choosen by the people who had to cure the show (private or institutions). Actualizations go from january 1st, 1997 to october, 1998. Dipping into the album, I discovered all colours were present, blue, green, yellow, black, red, white, grey... I therefore decided that this album will constitue the scale of the possible colours for all the définitions/méthodes that will be realized till december, 31st, 1999". "Vaucresson, october 25, 1998". C.R., on the 1st blank page.
This work is the following of "Monochromes 3", 1982.


Claude RUTAULT: Autour du non-peint. Ou le soleil ne fait pas le beau temps mais il y contribue. 1991.

Claude RUTAULT: Autour du non-peint. Ou le soleil ne fait pas le beau temps mais il y contribue. 1992

Artist book/Ephemera/Announcement..
Unpaginated. 24 pages of blank brown kraft paper. Slipped inside, the invitation card printed on translucent tracing paper.
Stapled bound.
Self-published, 300 unnumbered copies. For the show at Jean-Dominique Carre's.
Created and realized by Claude Rutault. Edition of 300, unnumbered.
Signed by Rutault on the tracing paper announcement.


Claude RUTAULT: Version papier. 1993.
Artist book.
29 leaves numbered 836 to 892, of which 13 white and 16 in color, pink or yellow, according the number in the edition. Text in French. Intelligence Service Productions, Paris, 1993.
Edition of 150 copies, numbered in pencil by C. Rutault.


Claude RUTAULT: La Fin de l'Objet Fini. 1994.
Artist book.
Unpaginated. Text in Russian, interview Claude Rutault/Fréderic Bouglié. Printed on tranluscent paper. Soft cover, with dust jacket in the same paper as the pages one. 21x21 cm.
Complete with the square black card loose sheet to be put under each page to get the text easier to be read.
Avangard, Moscow, Russia, 1994. 1st edition.


Claude RUTAULT: De Pile en Pile. From Stack to Stack. Définition/Méthode n° 172. 1997.

Claude RUTAULT: De Pile en Pile. From Stack to Stack. Définition/Méthode n° 172. 1997

Artist book.
866p. Text in French, then, in a second part, in English. Softcover. 21x13.5 cm.
Ed. Voix-R. Meier, Montigny, France, 1997.
Editin of 300 (+50 numbered and signed copies). 1/300.


Claude RUTAULT: De Pile en Pile. From Stack to Stack. Définition/Méthode n° 172. 1997.

Claude RUTAULT: De Pile en Pile. From Stack to Stack. Définition/Méthode n° 172. 1997

Artist book.
866p. Text in French, then, in a second part, in English. Softcover. 21x13.5 cm.
Ed. Voix-R. Meier, Montigny, France, 1997.
Editin of 300 (+50 numbered and signed copies).
1 of the 50 numbered and signed copies of the Deluxe edition, including a small tracing paper leporello, loose, inserted in the book.


Claude RUTAULT: d/m associée 278 (d/m1+d/m34+d/m98+d/m145). 1999.

Claude RUTAULT: d/m associée 278 (d/m1+d/m34+d/m98+d/m145). 1999

Announcement, Artist publicatiion.
Brown kraft paper envelope with title printed on a white strop of white paper mounted on it. Inside, the invitation itself, sheet of white paper prined black, folded in 4. Envelope: 16.2x22.9 cm. Invitation, folded and cealed: 11x17.5 cm. For the show at Jean-Dominique Carré's, February 20-21-22, 1998. Created and realized by Claude Rutault. Edition of 100, numbered in black pencil.







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