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avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies
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31 artists: Carl ANDRE, Joseph BEUYS, Christian BOLTANSKI, Daniel BUREN, James Lee BYARS, CHRISTO, Hanne DARBOVEN, Sol LeWITT, A.R. PENCK, Sigmar POLKE, etc.
Pour Ecrire La Liberte, Brussels, Belgium, 1975.
Card box containing various items: drawing (paint); 3 objects (rubberstamped, coin, rope, plastic); 3 soft cover books; photograph c; 17 prints (offset, collaged, handcolored, silkscreened, folded); envelope (paper); bag (silkscreened); poster (folded); object (oilcloth); object (papercard, folded, printed, ink, handwriting); print (offset, collaged, plastic, thread); drawing (ink); Yoko Ono (l.r.- print). box (cardboard, hinged, printed). Language: English, French, German.
36 x 29 x 7.5 cm.
Edition: XXI + 100 (I to XXI considered as the "original edition", 1 to 100, being the Deluxe edition, signed and numbered), 900 copies of the normal edition. This copy is one of the 900.
Artists box edited by Isi Fiszman in support to the Belgian political magazine "Pour" published by Jean-Claude Garot. Most of the edition burnt in the fire of the tent housing the artistic event.
Box cover designed by Panamarenko (showing in Chinese dress with his Beetle he presented at the SaltoArte show, May 23, 1975).








We are interested in purchasing this box and artist books, multiples, prints and unique works of art by all these artists having participated in this event and this edition.
Please contact us.

Nous sommes intéressés par l'achat de cette boîte et de livres d'artiste, estampes, multiples et oeuvres uniques de tous ces artistes ayant participé à cet évènement et cette édition.
Merci de nous contacter.





Jean-Dominique CARRE Contemporary Art

avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies
52 rue mazarine f -75006 paris france
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