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sarkis (zabunyan)




SARKIS: 23 Documents classés par Sarkis Zabunyan.
Artist book.
42 punched index cards, 29.7x21 cm, of which 23 with text ans illustrations printed in various colors, 1 title, 18 "quelques (sic) temps avant ou après". In a card folder, 31.8x28,3 cm. An audio cassette in its platic box is pasted with black scotch on the front cover. Hossmann, Hamburg, 1973. Edition of 46 copies, signed and numbered by Sarkis.



SARKIS: La drama of the Tempest. 1974.
A LP 33rpm record, in its original envelope. Printed on the front cover, as welll as on the 2 sides of the record itself: "La drama of the Tempest", red silkscreen print. Signed and dated 1974 by Sarkis on the backside of the envelope.
This piece was composed of 30 different LP 33 rpm records. Recorded by any singer or orchestra, in all sorts of music. All of them from Ed. La Salita. It is not an artist recording. It is not an art cover piece. It is an art piece. Each of the records is the work. Each of them is different. Provenance: the artist.
Broken music, 1989, p. 217 (wrongly dated 1979). Celant, The record as artwork, 1978, p. 119. "D.i.s.c.o.t.h.e.q.u.e.", catalogue of the show at Maison du livre, de l'image et du son, Villeurbanne, 1989, p. (30).



SARKIS: De l'enquête sur l'arsenal-atelier de la rue V. 1975.
Artist recording.
1 vinyl LP 33rpm record in its original paper envelope. Only one side has been engraved. Self-published, Paris, 1975. Edition of 116 copies, numbered and signedby Sarkis on the back of the envelope.
Catalogue: "d.i.s.c.o.t.h.è.q.u.e., expériences sonores d'artistes", Maison du livre et du son, Villeurbanne, 1989, p. (32). The record as artwork. From futurism to conceptual art, 1978, p. 105. Broken Music, Berlin, DAAD, 1989, p. 217.



SARKIS: Blackout. 1975.
Artist book.
(102)pl. of black paper printed in various colors. Sarkis has used for the printing of the text the colors used by armies for the camouflage, 1 color a plate, giving, as only text, the name and trade mark of the colors. Softcover. 29x20.4 cm. Genève, Ecart, Geneva, Switzerland, 1975. Edition of 102 copies, numbered and signed by Sarkis.



SARKIS: Blackout Leica Museum. 1913-1973. 1976.
Artist book.
128p./pl. of which 2pl. and 116 with cutups at the illustrations format, one at the beginning (photo of the "Ur-Leica" camera), the second one (photo of the landscape taken by the "Ur-Leica" camera) at the end of the book. Softcover. 23x16.6 cm. DAAD and Galerie F. Skulima, Berlin, Grunewald, 1976.



SARKIS: Kriegsschatz. 1978.
Exhibition catalogue/Artist publication.
(44)p./pl. Text in Geman by H.M. Softcover. 26x17.8 cm. Published for the show, January 4 - February 26, 1978. Westfälischer Kunstverein, Munster; 1978.



SARKIS: Sarkis 1. 1981.

SARKIS: Sarkis 1. 1981. Photo 1   SARKIS: Sarkis 1. 1981. Photo 2

Photos. Artist Publication.
A card folder covered with gray linen containing: 1 title page; 4 plates, each with an original b/w mounted photo; 1 colophon page containing the edition size, tnumber in the edition and artist's signature. Folder: 31.3x29.8x2 cm. Plates: 29.1x29 cm. Photos: 13.8x21 cm. Editions Analeph and Studio 666, Paris, 1981. Edition of 50 copies numbered and signed in the colophon page. Each of the 4 photos is also numbered and signed on the back in black pencil. This copy is n° 1/50.



SARKIS: L'Atelier. 1993.
Livre d'artiste.
Unpaginated (some 800 p.of which 1 double plate, colored photo. 30.6x22.7 cm. Cloth bound, in a cloth slipcase. P., Self-published, Paris and & Ed. Ste Opportune, Brussels, 1993. Edition of 48 numbered and signed copies + 9 NFS copies. All pages are blanck, their supposed contents being resumed, shown, in this colored photo of the artist's studio, double plate in the middle of the book.







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avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies
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