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Nicolas SCHÖFFER. (Guy Habasque and Jacques Ménétrier).

Nicolas SCHÖFFER. (Guy Habasque and Jacques Ménétrier)

Artist monograph.
Text in English. Introduction by Jean Cassou , texts by Guy Habasque and Jacques Ménétrier. Illustrated with 211 prints mostly b&w with some color and some with acetate overlays. 2 pages printed on translucent paper.
Hard cloth covered boards+dustjacket.
24.5x30.5 cm.
Editions du Griffon, Neuchatel, 1963.
Includes a 45 rpm vinyl record by Pierre Henry "Spatiodynamisme" inserted inside the back cover. Some of the photos by Robert Doisneau.




Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Lumino. (The Dream Box). 1968.

Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Lumino. (The Dream Box). 1968

Multiple. (see the video)
Light object, motorized metal disk and projector, coated with black metal and chromium-plated plastic (screen frame), and a screen.
23.5x26x21.5 cm.
Editions Denise René, Paris, 1968.
Produced by Philips for Europe (1500 copies), by Clairol for the USA, under the name of "The Dream Box" (1500 copies).
The copies with a chromium-plated plastic screen frame, specially ordered by Schoffer, are much rarer than the ones with the black frame.
Condition: a few micro scratches on the edges of the chromium-plated plastic screen frame, otherwise perfect. A fine copy.
All vintage elements, including the light bulb.
This light object works.
First work of art specially created to be produced industrially.
Provenance: Eleonor de Lavandeyra-Schöffer, the artist's widow, then private collection.
See the site with text and videos (of which one, interview of Eleonor de Lavandeyra-Schoffer, the artist's widow) on the "Lumino":




Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Untitled ("Minisculpture"). 1969.

Nicolas SCHOFFER Minisculpture 1969

Multiple. Object.
Two chromed polished steel panels with die-cut forms mounted together, forming a "minisculpture".
13.1x15x9.1 cm.
Inside the original publisher red card folder.
1969 new year gift by Galerie Denise René.




Nicolas SCHÖFFER. Galerie Denise René, New York. 1972.
Exhibition poster.
Screenprint in colors on white card.
93.3x64 cm.
Show May, 1972.
Printed by Atelier Arcay. Fine.




Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Cassetra. 1975.

Nicolas SCHOFFER Cassetra 1975

A translucent plexiglas box, in which up to 4 (of 5) silkprinted transparent plexiglas panels ("Unitra") can be introduced at the same time. These panels, combined, produce the image. Box ("Cassetra"):
22x12.6x7.5 cm.
Panels ("Unitra"): 21.7x12 cm.
It comes in two parts: the box and a folding transparent plastic envelope.
Each of the 5 panels is slipped into one of the 5 folds of the envelope.
An illustrated booklet comes with, Also slipped into one of the folds.
Artcurial, Paris, 1975.
Unspecified edition.




Nicolas SCHOFFER. Jean Louis Ferrier: Entretiens avec Nicolas Schöffer. 1975.

Nicolas SCHOFFER. Jean Louis Ferrier: Entretiens avec Nicolas Schöffer. 1975

Book, three prints and a multiple.
55 + (9) pp. Text in French.
Included three colored silkscreen prints and a plexiglas and aluminium multiple, numbered and signed by Nicolas Schöffer.
Loose, in a violet-blue cloth-covered cardboard box.
37.5x48x5.5 cm.
Another silkscreen print, on aluminium, mounted on the front of the box
(see below item).
Edition of 155 copies. This copy one of the 125 with the 3 silkscreen prints and the multiple.
Book is numbered in the colophon page. Prints and multiple are numbered and signed by Nicolas Schöffer.
Denoel, Paris, 1975. First edition.




Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Untitled. 1975.

Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Untitled.

2-color silkprint on aluminium.
23.6x16.5 cm.
Special proof from the edition of the print used on the front cover of the box of the book "Jean Louis Ferrier: Entretiens avec Nicolas Schoffer", Denoel, Paris, 1975.




Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Untitled. 1970's.

Nicolas SCHÖFFER: Untitled

3-color silkkprint on translucent plexiglas.
21.5x12 cm.
Unspecified edition.
Printed signature (NS) in the lower right corner.
Two tiny lacks of color in the upper right corner (shared by all the copies).






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