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Seth SIEGELAUB: "The Xerox Book". (C. Andre, R. Barry, D. Huebler, J. Kosuth, S. LeWitt, R. Morris, L. Weiner). 1968.
Artist book.
(370) pages/plates. Paper cover. 28x21 cm. N.Y., Seth Siegelaub & Jack Wendler, 1968. 7 original 25-page works, using photocopy, by the 7 artists.
L.R. Lippard, Six years, p. 64. J. Lyons, Artists' Books, p. 46, 111. G. Celant, Book as Artwork, p. 36. A. Moeglin-Delcroix, Esthétique du livre d'artiste, p. 171, 380; Livres d'artistes, l'invention d'un genre, 1960-1980, p. 4, 6, n°21; Livres d'artistes, p. 36-38.




Seth SIEGELAUB: January 5-31, 1969.
Artist book.
(24)p./pl. Spiral bound. 21x18 cm. The "January Show": Barry, Huebler, Kosuth, Weiner. N.Y., USA, S. Siegelaub, 1969.
L.R. Lippard: The dematerializaton of the art object, p. 71. A.M.-D.: Esthétique du livre d'artiste, 1997, p. 142, 143; Livres d'artistes, l'invention d'un genre, 1960-1980, p. 26-27, n° 247. L'art conceptuel I, capc Bordeaux, 1988, p. 131.




Seth SIEGELAUB: March 1969. "One Month". March 1-31, 1969.
Artist book.
(3) + 31 pages/plates. 1 page/plate a day. Staple bound. 21.6x17.8 cm. Totally virtual show, in the shape of a calendar. The contents of the calendar is the show, the calendar itself, the gallery. 31 artists invited by S. Siegelaub. One artist a day, in alphabetical and chronological orders. C. Andre, M. Asher, T. Atkinson*, M. Baldwin*, R. Barry*, R. Barthelme*, I. Baxter*, J. (L.) Byars*, J. Chamberlain*, R. Cooper*, B. Flanagan*, D. Flavin, A. Hay*, D. Huebler*, R. Huot*, S. Kaltenbach*, On Kawara, J. Kosuth*, C. Kozlov*, S. Lewitt, R. Long*, R. Morris*, B. Nauman, C. Oldenburg*, D. Oppenheim*, A. Ruppersberg*, Ed Ruscha, R. Smithson*, de Wain Valentine*, L. Weiner*, I. Wilson*. (*= has given a work). New York, S. Siegelaub, 1969.
Lyons, Arists' Books, p. 94. A. Moeglin-Delcroix, Esthétique du livre d'artiste, p. 142-143. L'art conceptuel, une perspective, MAMVP, 1990, p. 249. L'art conceptuel I, capc Bordeaux, 1988, p. 131.




Jan DIBBETS / Seth SIEGELAUB: On May 9 (friday), May 12 (monday) and May 30 (friday) 1969 at 3:00 Greenwich Mean Time (9:00 EST) Jan Dibbets will make the gesture indicated on the overside at the place marked "X" in Amsterdam, Holland.

Seth SIEGLAUB / Jan DIBBETS, Amsterdam, 1969

Announcement/Artist postcard/Edition.
Offset lithograph. 2 b/w photos on one side, text on the other side. 15.5 x 10.5 cm. A one-person art exhibition which took place in Amsterdam on 9, 12 and 30 May 1969 which was communicated by means of a printed postcard mailed from New York. Amsterdam, New York: Seth Siegelaub, May 1969. One of the very early "Conceptual Art" exhibitions.
Meyer: Konzeption, p. 116. Lippard: Six years.., p. 103. Extra Art, #120.




Seth SIEGELAUB: Catalogue for the Exhibition. 1969.
Exhibition Catalogue/Artist publication.
(12)pages, b/w offset photos. 23x15.3 cm. Stapled paper cover. T. Atkinson, R. Barry, J. Dibbets, D. Huebler, S. Kaltenbach, J. Kosuth, S. Lewitt, N.E. Thing CO. Ltd, L. Weiner. Center for Communication and the Arts, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, May 19-June 19, 1969.




Seth SIEGELAUB: July, August, September 1969. Juillet/Août, Septembre 1969/ Juli, August, Septembre 1969. Catalog of the exhibition- Catalogue de l'exposition- Ausstellungskatalog. 1969.
Artist book.
26p., ill. Softcover. 27.6x21.3 cm. Seth Siegelaub, NYC, 1969. Catalogue of a show having occurred simultaneously in 11 different places in the world. particpating artists: Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Daniel Buren, Jan Dibbets, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol Lewitt, Richard Long, N.E. Thing C° LTD., Robert Smithson, Lawrence Wiener.
Lippard, 106.




Douglas HUEBLER: November 1968. 1968.
Artist book.
20p. Wrappers. 20x20 cm. NY, Seth Siegelaub, 1968.
1st art exhibition to exist only in the form of a catalogue "showing" the artwork and its own documentation.
Lippard , Six Years, 60-61.




Seth SIEGELAUB: United States Servicemen's Fund Art Collection. 1971.
Fund-raising catalogue.
In an manilla paper envelope: A: catalogue: 18 plates, offset b./w. photos, reproductions of works (by K. Sonnier, R. Morris, R.Smithson, R. Murray, R. Huot, D. Diao, G. Davis, Al Held, R. Ryman, A. Hay, L. Wiener, S. Lewitt, A. Katz, R. Barry, D. Huebler, D. Valentine, C. Andre, J. Kosuth), mounted with a metallic clip inside the last part of the cover; text, in english by S. Siegelaub and list of staff, Board of directors, Sponsors of the USSF; B: a folded poster: a sheet of brown paper printed offset black both sides. Catalogue: 21.5x13.3 cm. Envelope: 15.2x23.1 cm. Poster, unfolded: 44.6x57.2 cm. NYC, USSF, 1971.








We are interested in purchasing artist books, multiples, prints and unique works of art by all the artists Seth Siegelaub worked with.
Please contact us.

Nous sommes intéressés par l'achat de livres d'artiste, estampes, multiples et oeuvres uniques de tous les artistes avec qui Seth Siegelaub a travaill√©.
Merci de nous contacter.






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