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adolfo natalini, cristiano toraldo di francia, alessandro and roberto magris, piero frassinelli




Architecture monograph.
Unpaginated. Ill. Softcover. 20x18.5 cm. Preface in Italian by A. Natali. Instituto Naziionale di Achitettura, Roma. Centro Di, Florence, 1978. Collection In-Arc, Personali di Architetti. The continuous monument, Architectural histograms, The twelve ideal cities...



7a Biennale di Parigi. 7e Biennale de Paris. 7th Paris Biennale. Italia. Italie. Italy. Catalogue de la section italienne à la 7e Biennale de Paris. 1971.
Exhibition catalogue.
(132)p./ pl. Triligual Italian-French-English texts. Profusely illustrated. Softcover. 24.5x23 cm. Italian selection by A. Bonito Oliva: A. Boetti, P. Calzolari, G. de Dominicis, L. Fabro, M. Germanà, G. Penone, M. Pisani, E. Prini, G. Zorio, J. Kounellis, G. Paolini, G. Pressburger, A. Bonito Oliva, G. de Dominicis, M. Franco, M. Germanà, J. Kounellis, M. Pisani, U. Silva, P. Mussat Sartor, F. Rzewski, M. Panni, Archizoom. Town planing: Superstudio, UFO. Centro Di, Florence, 1971.



Jim BURNS: Arthopods. 1971.
Architecture monograph.176p./pl. Softcover. 30x21 cm. Praeger, NYC, 1971. The "Arthropods", C. Price, Haus-Rucker-Co, God and C°, Missing Link Production, 9999 Group, Superstudio, Coop. Himmelblau, Hardy, Holzman & Pfeiffer, Eventsructures Research Group, A. Carlini, Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT), Ant Farm, PULSA, Archizoom, Experiments in Environment, J.M. Johansen, ONYX.



Italy: A new domestic landscape. Achievements and problems of Italian design. (Emilio AMBASZ, dir.). 1972.
430p./pl., some colored. Hardcover, including mobile parts between the front cover and the transparent dust jacket. 25x20 cm. Centro Di, Florence, 1972. Published on the occasion of the show at the M.o.M.A., NYC. The new Italian Design: G. Aulenti, E. Sottsass, J. Colombo, A. Rosselli, M. Zanuso & R. Saper, M. Bellini, G. Pesce, U. La Pietra, Archizoom, Superstudio, Gruppo Sturm, E. Mari, G. Mari, 9999 Group.







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Jean-Dominique CARRE Contemporary Art

avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies
52 rue mazarine f -75006 paris france
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