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michel tapié (de céleran)




Michel TAPIÉ: Un Art Autre où il s'agit de nouveaux dévidages du réel. 1952.
Text-manifesto in French by M. Tapié.
Softcover. 25x22 cm. Edition of 1000 numbered copies.
Dubuffet, Fautrier, Wols, Michaux, Brauner, Sironi, Mathieu, Ubac, Ossorio, Tobbey, Hartung, Maria, Capogrossi, Matta, Martin, Riopelle, Sutherland, Pollock, Arnal, Gillet, Russell, Germaine, Dova, Serpan, Soulages, Marini, Bryen, Glasco, Baskine, G. Richter, Francken, Guiette, Appel, Francis, Butler, Ronet, P. Martin, Paolozzi, Falkenstein, Hofmann, Kopac. Gabriel- Giraud, Paris, 1952.




GUTAI 8. September 29, 1957. Michel Tapié: L'Aventure Informelle.

GUTAI 8. September 29, 1957. Michel Tapié: L'Aventure Informelle.

Numéro spécial sur l'Art Informel. (Issue devoted to the "Art Informel").
Artist periodical.
(cxxxviii)p. 9 color illustrations. 86 monochrome illustrations.
Bilingual Japanese/French texts on abstract art by Michel Tapié and Jiro Yoshihara.
Wrappers, in publisher's cardboard case.
Gérant: Michel Tapié, Jiro Yoshihara.
General layout: the Gutai group.
Editor: Shozo Shimamoto.
Nishinomiya, Japan, 1957.
Gutai group and European and American painters (Appel, Baj, Buri, Brown, Coetzee, de Kooning, Dubuff et, Domoto, Falkenstein, Guiette, Imaï, Kline, Götz, Krasner, Motherwell, Siraga, Shimamoto, Kinoshita, Kanayama, Atsuko Tanaka, Yamasaki, Yoshida, Murakami, Motonaga, Yoshihara, Uemae, Pollock, Sam Francis, Serpan, Tápies, Socu Teshigahara, Wiols, Von Frankenstein, et al).
Catalogue of the Gutai exhibition, Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Paris, 1999, p. 215.




Michel TAPIÉ: Evidences paroxystiques. 1958.

Michel TAPIÉ: Evidences paroxystiques

(12)p. Accordion folded, in the Japanese style, card covers covered with green silk. Title in Japanese printed black on a pasted white paper label. Texts by M. Tapié in French on one side, in Japanese on the other.
Folded: 18.1x6.2 cm. Unfolded: 49.2x18.1 cm.
Edition of 200 copies, handnumbered in pencil.
Printed by Ginza, Tokyo.
Published by T. Imai, Tokyo, 1958.
13 aphorisms on the Art Informel.




Michel TAPIÉ: Pour un Haut Devenir du Comportement Artistique. 1964.
(18)p. text in French by M. Tapié. Softcover. 27x21 cm.
Front cover calligraphed by Gio Minola.
Stadler, Paris, 1964.








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